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AutoRABIT Announces Acquisition of

Leading Salesforce Release Management Platform Provider AutoRABIT Announces Acquisition of

PLEASANTON, CA, March 25, 2021 — AutoRABIT, provider of the leading Salesforce release management platform for regulated industries, has announced the acquisition of CodeScan and its best-in-class code quality and security analysis solution for Salesforce development teams. CodeScan’s technology enables Salesforce development teams to ensure quality code by programmatically enforcing code standardization. The CodeScan solution rounds out AutoRABIT’s existing SaaS portfolio, complementing AutoRABIT’s leading secure DevOps, to create the industry’s only true DevSecOps platform for Salesforce. 

“Never before have organizations faced such a challenging security environment that revolves directly around their code’s quality and security,” says AutoRABIT CEO Vishnu Datla. “The SolarWinds and Microsoft Exchange compromises highlight more than ever the need for integrated development tool chains that ensure not just accelerated feature delivery to support digital transformation but also the increasing need to be secure and compliant as they do so.

CodeScan is a natural addition and extension of the AutoRABIT platform,” he continued. “Its automated code review and standardization solution enables Salesforce developers to ensure code quality and security at scale. CodeScan’s acquisition will help the Salesforce developer community accelerate digital transformation with both deep understanding of the their dev environments and a solution to improve and change. This will be a game changer, as current solutions in the market merely offer a report of issues—not a remedyAutoRABIT remains committed to the mission of helping Salesforce development teams produce higher quality work, without sacrificing speed or security, and the CodeScan solution will help our customers take their DevSecOps processes to the next level.” 

AutoRABIT has transformed Salesforce release management, allowing organizations to solve their greatest development challenges through a powerful and effective process,” says CodeScan Co-Founder & CEO, Lior Kuyer. “I couldn’t be more excited about bringing CodeScan’s experience and technology to the AutoRABIT family—with the addition of CodeScanAutoRABIT is now without a doubt the most complete and advanced end-to-end DevSecOps suite for Salesforce on the market.” 

RA Capital Advisors acted as exclusive financial advisor to CodeScan in the transaction. 

To learn more about the AutoRABIT Release Management Platform for Salesforce, visit:

About AutoRABIT

AutoRABIT’s DevSecOps Platform enables Salesforce development teams to improve the quality of their releases at scale through a suite of CI/CD tools that enable teams to configure, build, test, and manage development environments and deployments. The platform also supports data protection and optimization through a suite of Salesforce DataOps tools that enable development teams to retrieve greater insights from their own data while ensuring robust backup and protection. The addition of CodeScan’s code analysis technology adds a code security layer to the existing platform. Visit for more information. 

About CodeScan

CodeScan empowers Salesforce DevOps teams at all levels with its code analysis solution. Through code standardization enforcement, CodeScan helps developers write faster, better, cleaner, and more efficiently with continuous inspection of code security and quality. CodeScan is the leading end-to-end static code analysis solution on the Salesforce ecosystem. Located in San Diego, California, CodeScan is a Salesforce Strategic ISV partner, is compatible with Salesforce languages and metadata, has the largest Salesforce ruleset (500+), has performed more than 21B line checks, services over 150 customers around the world.  

About Full In Partners

Full In Partners, the primary growth equity investor in AutoRABIT, supported the company’s execution of the transaction. The New York-based firm is focused on bringing growth-stage investing into the modern era through the use of proprietary, data-driven technology and a re-imagined value-add program for entrepreneurs. To learn more about Full In, please visit: