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The Integrated Development Environment enables development
teams to easily review code changes and increase Salesforce deployment velocity

Simplify Your Salesforce DevOps Lifecycle

AutoRABIT Web IDE provides a solution specifically designed for Salesforce and is particularly useful for cloud application development. As a browser-based IDE it reduces developer reliance on desktop-based development environments. As a part of AutoRABIT’s ARM (Automated Release Management) platform the Web IDE capabilities support preferred development tools like version control.

AutoRABIT Delivers a Multi-Dimensional IDE

For users who distinctly prefer Developer Console or Workbench, AutoRABIT Web IDE brings companion capabilities that enhance developer control and productivity benefiting the entire CI/CD process. With the launch of CodeBuilder, Salesforce gave developers what they were asking for. AutoRABIT remains aligned with Salesforce by delivering AutoRABIT Web IDE as well as IDE Extensions via VS Code.

Enable Fast and Easy Changes

AutoRABIT Web IDE allows developers to make changes quickly via the Web IDE interface for faster responses to emerging issues. 

Developers can still maintain control of the process while making sure their changes are included in the total CI/CD process. They can be logged and tracked for versioning, be included in the code checking process, and eventually scheduled for deployment.

The AutoRABIT VS Code Extension

The VS Code Extension for AutoRABIT allows Salesforce developers to utilize VS Code as their IDE while continuing to leverage their favorite development tools. 

This allows developers to: 

  • Enhance collaboration with source control systems, application lifecycle systems, and Salesforce environments revenue and enhanced competitiveness. 
  • Increase visibility by enabling developer teams to view usage metrics related to commits, stories, deployments, and CI/CD projects.  
  • Provide commands and interfaces that streamline integration points between core development systems using existing AutoRABIT functions. 
  • Improve adoption of Salesforce DX by working synonymously with VS Code Salesforce extension. 

Pre-Validation Steps for Optimal Control

AutoRABIT provides a pre-validation step prior to the commit phase that routes the code through Salesforce-specific gate checks.  

Pre-validation enables developers to: 

  • Generate a diff report between the change and a branch 
  • Create a mock deployment request on a Salesforce org 
  • Run Apex test classes as part of mock deployment 
  • Generate a code coverage report 
  • Generate Apex PMD report 
  • Generate a Lightning Lint Report 
  • Ability to approve/reject a pre-validation based on results or peer review 

AutoRABIT Web IDE to the Rescue

For developers that want to deploy only one user story or even migrate a specific feature, AutoRABIT provides a convenient IDE companion solution that can be invoked anytime, anyplace, via a browser interface.

Leverage the power of AutoRABIT ARM to accelerate the DevOps CI/CD process for Salesforce. AutoRABIT Web IDE is a great companion solution to ARM and Salesforce CodeBuilder with special emphasis on the ability to access full metadata for an org.