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Banking + Financial Services

nCino + AutoRABIT

Total Salesforce DevOps Support for Banks + Financial Institutions

The nCino Bank Operating System powers more than 1,850 banks’ digital transformation with an entirely cloud-based solution built on Salesforce. Banking customers require technological innovations to make their experience secure, user-friendly, and reliable. nCino for Salesforce is an essential tool for addressing these needs and remaining competitive in the industry.  

Banks Require the Strictest Levels of Security

AutoRABIT supports audit requirements, helps organizations comply with risk management frameworks, and protects sensitive data with critical certifications and capabilities. Certifications for ISO 27001 and SOC2 and HIPAA compliance are starting points, with capabilities that include RBAC, encryption, data sovereignty support, audit logs/reports, and more. AutoRABIT simplifies monthly nCino releases so banks can focus on what they do best. Eight of the world’s top ten banks trust AutoRABIT. 

Helping Community + Regional Banks Safely Scale DevOps Processes

The power of AutoRABIT and nCino are not just for enterprise businesses. We have been hard at work automating manual feature releases for banks of all sizes. Our solutions are tailored to your specific needs to ensure secure and compliant operations while expanding the potential of your current team. Hit your security, productivity, and compliance goals with implementation levels that make sense for your organization.

ARM for nCino

Banking + Financial Services

As a provider of DevOps solutions purpose-built for Salesforce, AutoRABIT’s Automated Release Management (ARM) platform simplifies the process of moving data and migrating configurations to prepare applications to meet specific banking customer and regulatory compliance needs.

  • Salesforce DevOps Solutions: AutoRABIT ARM for nCino eliminates the potential for errors inherent in manual deployments. Full automation supports rapid, error-free deployments.
  • One-Click Deployments: Quickly implement monthly deployments and initial updates with one-click deployments.
  • Support Data Security + Compliance: ARM for nCino reinforces audit requirements, helps organizations comply with risk management frameworks, and protects sensitive data using critical certifications and capabilities.
  • Powerful, Up-to-Date Tools: Enhance nCino customization with Version Control, auditing, and a single automated pipeline for data and features. Find, configure, and deploy new nCino integrations as soon as they’re made available.

CodeScan for nCino

Salesforce Security Posture Management for Banks of All Sizes

Eliminate errors in your code and in critical settings to reduce security vulnerabilities and streamline operations. CodeScan covers nCino teams from every angle with comprehensive, automated solutions that verify proper processes within your environment. 

  • Static Code Analysis: End-to-end checks on code health with the most robust Salesforce-specific ruleset in the market. 
  • Policy Scanning: Guarantee 100% adherence to internal and external policies to support adherence to best practices.
  • Permissions Enforcement: Scan profiles and permissions to ensure proper settings and eliminate overexposure of data.
  • Compliance Support: Increased visibility throughout the Salesforce environment enables verification of adherence to compliance requirements. 

Vault for nCino

Comprehensive Salesforce Data Protection

nCino is well-known for its ability to support banks and financial institutions, but what supports nCino? AutoRABIT Vault provides data backup and recovery—an essential safety net if the worst-case scenario strikes.

  • Fully Featured Data Backup and Restore Built for nCino: Quickly backup and restore your complete environment as well as individual nCino features and objects without slow, error-prone manual processes.
  • Meet Compliance + IT Security Requirements: AutoRABIT Vault provides extensive security and compliance support for financial institutions and is ISO 27001 and SOC2-certified as well as HIPAA-compliant.
  • Reduce Salesforce Data Cost: Maintaining large sets of documents and data in Salesforce is more expensive than local or cloud storage options. Use archiving to keep older, less-used information off-platform but still accessible in Salesforce with Vault Connect.
  • Deliver Customization + Updates at Speed: Accelerate feature development by quickly seeding development and QA environments with anonymized data sets.

Total Control Over Salesforce Data and Metadata 

Risk reduction, privacy, cost control, and consistent quality levels are all possible with AutoRABIT’s nCino integrations.

  • Unlimited metadata control enables repeatable processes and heightened data security.
  • Flexible deployment models include cloud hosting, a self-managed cloud, and on-premises hosting.

A Single Platform to Streamline Financial Industry Digital Transformations 

AutoRABIT ARM for nCino and Vault for nCino share a common platform that reduces the complexity of nCino Bank Operating System development, deployment, and management while bolstering security and compliance. AutoRABIT Vault for nCino adds to ARM for nCino fast, fully compliant backups and recovery, archiving, and sandbox seeding that helps organizations save money, meet Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and RPO requirements, and deploy with confidence. 

Automated Salesforce DevOps solutions for the financial industry:

  • Deployment Automation: Seamless one-click deployments support faster releases at lower costs with fewer errors, and can be deployed as-is or using your organization’s data.
  • nCino Feature Versioning: Version control enables Salesforce teams supporting nCino to collaborate, track, and manage changes across multiple versions.
  • Extended nCino Capabilities: Easy feature migration to add predefined standard or community features into production, development, or QA Salesforce sandboxes.
  • Fully Automated Backups: Preserve all nCino data, objects, relationships, and metadata.
  • Customizable Recovery: Meet RTOs for business continuity and disaster recovery with full or selective environment restoration.
  • Monitor Critical Systems: Protect data integrity from corruption or loss due to human error or a compromised environment.
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