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VS Code Extension

Plan, Code, Merge, Integrate, Test and Deploy
Applications without ever leaving your VS Code IDE

Developers want to make the most of their time investment in the development process. The VS Code Extension for AutoRABIT allows developers for Salesforce applications to utilize VS Code as their IDE and still leverage their favorite development tools. AutoRABIT lets them do that.

Adding Power and Confidence to Salesforce Commits

The powerful combination of VS Code and AutoRABIT Automated Release Management delivers an intelligent front-end to the commit process. Leveraging static code analysis and other checks, only AutoRABIT provides a Pre-Validation step that gives developers the confidence that the code commits are going to conform to Salesforce environment needs.

Pre-Validation, a truly AutoRABIT Unique Capability

AutoRABIT provides a Pre-Validation step prior to the commit phase that routes the code through Salesforce-specific gate checks. Pre-Validation enables developers to:

  • Generate a diff report between the change and a branch
  • Create a mock deployment request on a Salesforce Org
  • Run Apex Test Classes as part of mock deployment
  • Generate a Code Coverage report based on the Change Set
  • Generate Apex PMD report
  • Generate a Lightning Lint Report
  • Ability to Approve/Reject a Pre-Validation based on results or peer review
VS Code Extension

Developers can create an AutoRABIT Pre-Validation Request from within VS Code

Benefits to Developers using VS Code with AutoRABIT extensions

  •  View Build History for a Branch or the entire Org.
  • Review the latest Deployment.
  • Invoke AutoRABIT via embedded Weblink.
  • Perform Commits using Pre-Validation
  • Framework Run or Trigger a CI-Build

The VS Code Extension allows
Developers on AutoRABIT to

Collaborate Easily

With Source Control Systems, Application Lifecycle Systems and Salesforce Environments revenue and enhanced competitiveness.

Streamline Integration

Provide commands and interfaces that streamline integration points between core development systems using existing AutoRABIT functions. revenue and enhanced competitiveness.

Deliver Visibility

For developer teams to view usage related to Commits, Stories, Deployments and CI/CD projects. Configurations without coding.

Improve Adoption

Of Salesforce DX by working synonymously with VS Code Salesforce extension.