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WEBINAR - mar 27th @ 10AM ET

Designing Secure Architectures in the Cloud

Safely working in the cloud requires strict oversight and an intentional approach. This is true for every organization, but regulated industries require additional layers of security to properly protect sensitive information. Cloud-native practices continue to evolve as the market advances, and AutoRABIT is at the forefront of innovation.

Join Bruno Pereira, Chief Technology Officer at AutoRABIT, March 27 at 4 p.m. GMT for our webinar on “Designing Secure Architectures in the Cloud.” Bruno will explore infrastructure as code to deliver environments, modern observability, and components that support best practices for data protection in the cloud.

May 14-16, 2024

nSight 2024!

Join us at nSight in Charlotte, NC May 14-16 to learn more about our partnership with nCino and how our solutions are tailored to the specific needs of the finance industry. Are you going to be at nSight? The AutoRABIT team is ready to help you simplify your Salesforce deployments.

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Webinar - jun 20th

Unveiling Hidden Risks in Salesforce the CISO Needs to Know

Join Prasanth Samudrala, VP of Solutions Engineering at AutoRABIT, and Andy Ognenoff, Managing Director at Accenture, for an in-depth exploration of the data security vulnerabilities that persist in Salesforce.

Webinar - Jun 26th

Bringing Flow to Work

Join Andrew Davis, Chief Product Officer at AutoRABIT, as he explores how to optimize end-to-end flow, security, and learning within Salesforce DevSecOps. 

Webinar - jul 10th

From Bottlenecks to Benchmarks

Join Prasanth Samudrala, VP of Solutions Engineering at AutoRABIT, for an exploration of metrics, tools, and tips for how to measure the efficacy of your Salesforce DevSecOps strategy. 

Webinar - jul 23rd

Keeping Everything in Focus: Maintaining End-to-End Quality Through Automation

Join Prasanth Samudrala, AutoRABIT’s VP of Solutions Engineering, and Scott Erlanger, DevOps Product Marketing Director at Tricentis, to learn how to leverage automated DevOps tools to guarantee reliable results for quality and security. 

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Securing Digital Healthcare: Shared Responsibility in the World of Low Code  

Join Andrew Davis, Chief Product Officer at AutoRABIT, and Josh Corman, Founder of I am The Cavalry, for a discussion on the severity of the digital threats facing the healthcare industry and what can be done to address them. 

Lean Methodology: Driving Radical Quality for DevOps

Join Andrew Davis, Chief Product Officer at AutoRABIT, and Ben McCarthy, founder of Salesforce Ben, for a discussion on how DevOps teams can boost productivity, streamline operations, and increase their value to the end user. 


How Secure is Your Salesforce Org? Identifying and Prioritizing Your Blindspots

Join Zak Taylor, Enterprise Account Executive at AutoRABIT, Daniel Stange, Technical Architect/CTO at Die Interaktiven, and Andrew Cook of Salesforce Ben on July 11th at 11am CT/5pm BST to learn more about how intentional planning and automated tools can save you time, money, and consumer confidence.

Understanding AI in Salesforce DevOps

Join Zak Taylor, Enterprise Account Executive at AutoRABIT, and Lars Malmqvist, author of Architecting AI Solutions on Salesforce, to learn more about how artificial intelligence is impacting the world of Salesforce DevOps and how you can best protect your data. 


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