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Salesforce DevOps Solutions on One Platform 

Salesforce DevOps 
Solutions on One Platform 

Built for enterprise teams and regulated industries 


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Built for Salesforce teams who require:

Deep Automation

Security & Compliance

Scalable Operations

Salesforce is an application.
It’s not a development platform. That’s why we’re here.   

Salesforce enables speedy development because you don’t have to use code or manage the backend. It’s completely changed the way companies build apps. 

The Salesforce Dilemma: On one hand, it’s much easier to make changes. But on the other, it’s much harder to ship them safely. Architectural choices were made in 1999 with an eye toward flexibility—but they make DevSecOps almost impossible.

This is where AutoRABIT comes in.

We integrate with

Automate Every Step of Your Salesforce DevOps Pipeline 

AutoRABIT manages each of the hundreds of nuances that make Salesforce CI/CD unique. Streamline operations, support data security, and eliminate errors with strategic automation. 

Total Visibility Into the Health of Your Salesforce Environment 

Code quality, permission settings, policy adherence—complete oversight streamlines processes. Continually scan your code and configuration changes against more than 400 proprietary rules specific to Salesforce. 

Elevate Your DataOps for Compliance and Security 

Comprehensive data management protects and refreshes Salesforce data. Automate essential functions and support worry-free compliance. 

AutoRABIT Products

Vault data backup and recovery

Automated Release Managment (ARM)

DevOps for Salesforce 

Automated Release management


DataOps for Salesforce 



SAST and Compliance Shield for Salesforce 

Integrated SOLUTIONS

Accelerate Modules


Deploy and manage nCino’s core banking solutions faster with AutoRABIT’s best-in-class DevOps solution.


Addressing the complex needs of healthcare companies with Vlocity is easier than ever.


Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences companies turn to AutoRABIT + Veeva for cloud-based CRM and Clinical Data Management solutions.

...and more

AutoRABIT’s endlessly customizable DevOps solutions can be configured to meet the needs of your business.

top rated

G2 has named
AutoRABIT a leader

"Easiest tool to migrate code for developers"

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AutoRABIT enables automated, secure, scalable Salesforce operations for large teams and regulated industries 

Truly Automate Your Salesforce Releases  

AutoRABIT DevOps Center Gearset Flosum Copado
Automated Quality Gates
Automated Environment Provisioning
Automated Data Migration
Automated Diff-Only Backups and Restores
Automated Diff-Only Back-Merges and Multiple-Merges
Automated Destructive Change Management
Automated Profile Management
A.I.-Powered Pre- and Post-Deployment Step Automation

Seal Off Your Salesforce Security Holes


AutoRABIT DevOps Center Gearset Flosum Copado
# of Salesforce-specific SAST rules 406 0 0 0 0
# of Salesforce-specific compliance rules 77 0 0 0 0
Quality gates for Apex, Lightning, LWC, Aura, Configuration
SAST scanning as developers’ type
Real-time audit logging
Button-click rollback
Automated profile management
On-prem deployment options
SOC2 Type 2 Certified
Bring Your Own Encryption Keys
One-Click Restore with Automated Pre- and Post-Steps
Unlimited Depth of Hierarchy Preservation
Restore of Attachments and Lightning Files
HIPPA Compliant

Scale Up Your Salesforce Ops 


AutoRABIT DevOps Center Gearset Flosum Copado
Horizontal Auto-Scaling
Unlimited Build Agents
Unlimited Deployment Queuing
Automated Archiving
Infinite CI Job Chaining

Lower your Costs and Close Compliance Gaps 

AutoRABIT OwnBackup Gearset Flosum Copado
Salesforce Storage Cost Optimizer
Intelligent Archiving
One-Click Restore with Automated Pre- and Post-Steps
Unlimited Depth of Hierarchy Preservation
Salesforce Shield Support ?
Support for customer-owned Encryption Keys
Restore of Attachments and Lightning Files ?
AWS, Azure and GCP Storage Options
Granular Data Comparison

Salesforce DevSecOps Tooling for Large Teams and Regulated Industries 

  • Intelligent Metadata Processing 
  • Dynamic XML packaging 
  • Horizontal Auto-Scaling 
  • Unlimited CI Job Chaining 
  • A.I.-Driven Automation 
  • Dynamic Apex Test Provisioning 
  • DX Enablement 
  • DX Automation 
  • SAST 
  • Compliance  
  • Button-click rollback 
  • Data Migration 
  • Managed Package Migration 
  • Backup & Recovery 
  • Intelligent Archiving 


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