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Security and Productivity Solutions That Make Salesforce DevSecOps Work at Scale

Built for enterprise teams to meet the rigorous demands of data security regulations. 


Salesforce doesn't work at scale without these four things: 

Security: Misunderstanding Salesforce’s shared responsibility model leaves you vulnerable to attacks and catastrophic mistakes. 
Visibility: Unseen errors create data security vulnerabilities—don’t be caught off guard. 
Compliance: Costly fines and penalties are coming if you don’t have proper data management and audit trails. 
Quality: Faulty applications and updates corrupt system data and create unforced errors. 

Salesforce made architectural choices in 1999 with an eye toward flexibility—but they make DevSecOps almost impossible. AutoRABIT offers the control you need to stay safe and productive with strategic automation specially built for the heightened data security needs of regulated industries. 

Designed for CISOs and Salesforce DevSecOps Teams Who Require: 

Deep Automation

Security & Compliance

Scalable Operations

We integrate with

AutoRABIT’s Salesforce release management

Secure Every Step of Your Salesforce DevOps Pipeline  

AutoRABIT manages each of the hundreds of nuances that make Salesforce CI/CD unique. Streamline operations, support data security, and eliminate errors with strategic automation. 

Total Visibility Into the Health of Your Salesforce Environment 

Code quality, permission settings, policy adherence—complete oversight streamlines processes. Continually scan your code and configuration changes against more than 400 proprietary rules specific to Salesforce. 

Data Backup and Recovery

Elevate Your Data Protection for Compliance and Security

Comprehensive data management protects and refreshes Salesforce data. Automate essential functions and support worry-free compliance.

FlowCenter Insights: Total Oversight for Your Salesforce DevSecOps

Comprehensive visibility into your Salesforce DevSecOps health delivers actionable insights on your team’s use of AutoRABIT. With FlowCenter Insights, you can identify patterns in your team’s DevOps processes, pinpoint bottlenecks, and gain insights to enhance performance and deliver greater value to your customers.   

AutoRABIT Products

Vault data backup and recovery

Automated Release Managment (ARM)

DevOps for Salesforce 

Automated Release management


Data Protection for Salesforce 



SAST and Compliance Shield for Salesforce 

FlowCenter Insights

Visual Analytics for Salesforce

Integrated SOLUTIONS

Accelerate Modules


Deploy and manage nCino’s core banking solutions faster with AutoRABIT’s best-in-class DevOps solution.


Addressing the complex needs of healthcare companies with Vlocity is easier than ever.


Analyze the security settings of configuration files to ensure vulnerabilities aren’t introduced to your system. 

...and more

AutoRABIT’s endlessly customizable DevOps solutions can be configured to meet the needs of your business.

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