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Vault Circle

Total Protection for Your
Salesforce Data

Stay Compliant. Be Secure.

Vault™ has been developed by AutoRABIT for the Salesforce Environment. AutoRABIT, the leader in Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) for Salesforce delivers automated unlimited backup and recovery of Salesforce data. Includes sophisticated compare tools, easy sandbox seeding, and comprehensive data management features to meet IT security, risk and compliance needs.

Robust, Dependable Backup Purpose-Built for Salesforce

Vault delivers the ability to backup and instantly recover data, metadata, file attachments, chatter feeds, knowledge feeds and all the rich content needed to reinstate the complete Salesforce experience.

Built-In Archival Delivers the most Cost-Effective Cloud Storage

Vault supports built-in archival capabilities. Based on scalable enterprise-class cloud infrastructure, AutoRABIT delivers the most cost-effective archival solution.

Meet Audit and Compliance Needs

Vault enables organizations to meet IT Governance policy requirements as well as meet their data restoration needs in order to meet regulatory compliance mandates. For business continuity managers, Vault delivers the fastest Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs).

Vault Data Backup & Recovery

Metadata Mastery

AutoRABIT enables a backup and restore solution
that preserves the complete Salesforce Experience
while delivering a faster and more reliable
recovery process.


Vault Data Backup & Recovery

Percentage of Enterprises whose cloud data recovery resulted in failure to restore


Vault Data Backup & Recovery

Percentage of Enterprises who needed to restore data they lost from Cloud Applications


Robust Data Protection for
nCino Bank Operating System

Vault Data Backup & Recovery

Get fast, fully compliant backup and recovery while enabling speedy development of new offerings on the nCino Bank Operating Systems

Save time and reduce errors

Vault’s unique, automated, feature-level nCino backup and restore solution eliminates time and errors inherent in manual object selection within nCino Features.

Restore nCino with unlimited data relationship depth

Vault’s deep nCino data protection capabilities restore nCino Bank Operating System data relationships and dependencies, keeping hierarchies intact.​​

Meet financial industry regulatory requirements

  • Supports AES-256 encryption and the option to bring your own encryption keys​
  • Protects data-in-transit with TLS 1.2.
  • SaaS solution delivery with ISO 27001- and SOC2-compliant infrastructure.

Bring the power of AutoRABIT Vault to the nCino Bank Operating System

  • Quickly backup, recover, and restore your nCino data sets
  • Use selective restore to meet your organization’s Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) requirements on data loss or corruption​
  • Easily recover from unintended data losses due to development updates such as integration errors, migration errors, and poorly written code​
  • Reduce Salesforce storage costs by archiving data using your organization’s data retention requirements

Vault Backup &
Recovery Capabilities

Fully Automated Backup with Unlimited Storage
  • Daily unlimited backups with the ability to backup just what’s changed.
  • Files, attachments, chatter feeds, knowledge articles and custom data sets included.
Compare instance snapshots, data and meta data in the same view.
  • Daily unlimited backups with the ability to backup just what’s changed.
  • Files, attachments, chatter feeds, knowledge articles and custom data sets included.
Recover Everything
  • Recover data, metadata, attachments and more.
  • Easily rollback the entire org, including parent child relationships, many levels deep..
  • Easily select data sets for testing scripts, code, rules and reports.
  • Customize the test data for your sandbox
Vault delivers archival capabilities for longer term storage. Combined with Backup and Recovery provides perfect long-term / short-term solution
  • Reduces storage cost
  • Improves Salesforce app performance
  • Helps in complying with industry regulations
Secure & Comply
Vault meets security and compliance requirements to satisfy the strictest audit and compliance needs
  • Meet ISO 27001 and NIST backup requirements
  • Industry specific regulations
  • Comply with GDPR regulations including the right to be forgotten
  • Support for data encryption and management of customer owned keys
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