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Total Protection for Your
Salesforce Data

Stay Compliant. Be Secure. Even Your Metadata.

Keep Your Data Secure

Data loss events are common, even for those with the highest levels of data security—you simply can’t guard against accidents. A secure and reliable backup of your system data—as well as the ability to recover it—is essential to maintaining a healthy system. Built-in Salesforce backup methods simply aren’t adequate. AutoRABIT offers a stable Salesforce data backup and recovery tool to ensure you aren’t left in the dark.

Salesforce Backup Solution

AutoRABIT Vault delivers automated, unlimited backup and recovery of Salesforce data. This includes sophisticated compare tools, easy sandbox seeding, and comprehensive data management features to meet IT security, risk, and compliance needs.

Built-In Archival Delivers the Most Cost-Effective Cloud Storage

Vault delivers the most cost-effective archival solution on Salesforce, using scalable enterprise-class cloud infrastructure. Automatically identify cleanable data by leveraging predefined, object-specific rules, then move old data to a cloud that’s 1,000 times cheaper than Salesforce. View archived data directly within Salesforce with Vault Connect to improve data accessibility without complex data loading processes and without consuming Salesforce storage space.

Meet Audit + Compliance Needs

Vault enables organizations to meet IT governance policy requirements, data restoration needs, and to meet regulatory compliance mandates while delivering the fastest Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs).

Metadata Mastery

AutoRABIT with Metadata Mastery allows for the complete backup and restore of tools that are built for Salesforce but are not metadata aware. It enables a metadata backup and restore solution that preserves the complete Salesforce experience while delivering a faster and more reliable recovery process.

Vault for nCino

Get fast, fully-compliant data backup solution with a recovery feature, while enabling speedy development of new offerings on the nCino Bank Operating System.


Automated DevOps Solutions
for Salesforce Release Management


Prevent data loss with fully automated cloud backup with unlimited storage.


Easily select data sets for testing scripts, code, rules, and reports.


Recover data, metadata, attachments, and more.


Reduce storage costs and increase app performance with long-term storage.


Compare instance snapshots, data, and metadata in the same view.

Secure + Comply

Vault meets security and compliance requirements to satisfy the strictest audit and compliance needs.

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Staying Compliant with Key Data Security Regulations eBook

Staying Compliant with Key
Data Security Regulations

The Ultimate Guide to Salesforce Metadata

The Ultimate Guide to
Salesforce Metadata

Why You Need to Start Backing Up Your Salesforce Data…Now Ebook

Why You Need to Start Backing Up
Your Salesforce Data…Now Ebook


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AutoRABIT Vault Data
Protection & Recovery


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