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The Salesforce DevOps platform by AutoRABIT is focused on keeping data secure. Vault™ is our cloud-based Salesforce backup tool for reliable and secure backups of your organization’s essential data. Vault supplies off-platform backup, restoration, and recovery of Salesforce data and metadata. With our data backup for Salesforce, you can protect your Salesforce data while remaining compliant.

AutoRABIT is a leader in Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) for Salesforce DevOps. We have extensive experience in data backup, recovery, and restoration from completing hundreds of monthly restores and rollbacks. 

AutoRABIT Vault Salesforce Data Backup

Standard backup solutions neglect knowledge articles, chatter feeds, metadata, and file attachments, which are crucial for the full Salesforce experience.

Vault is an enterprise backup and recovery solution from AutoRABIT designed for Salesforce and built for customers seeking comprehensive data protection. Vault for Salesforce data security automatically performs backups for two kinds of structures:

  • Data: Backup data in Salesforce is for records such as accounts, opportunities, contracts, leads, and cases. It also backs up Chatter, files, custom object records, and content.
  • Metadata: Salesforce metadata backup refers to custom code like Apex and Visualforce and configuration settings like dashboards, reports, page layouts, and custom fields.

Vault suits the Salesforce environment and is built for our customers to protect their valuable data. Some features of our Salesforce backup tool include:

  • Dependable backups: You can use Vault to back up your essential content and recover it if the original file is compromised. Salesforce backup and recovery allows you to maintain the complete experience of Salesforce by preserving file attachments, knowledge feeds, and more.
  • Built-in archival: Vault’s archival capabilities reduce storage costs for a more cost-effective solution. The archive tool is based on our scalable enterprise cloud infrastructure.
  • Metadata Mastery™: Using Metadata Mastery™ with the AutoRABIT platform allows your company to back up and recover your Salesforce environment completely. This tool prevents Salesforce data loss by including metadata in its backups.

Reasons to Back Up Your Data From Salesforce

Your organization may experience several scenarios resulting in a Salesforce data loss. A backup of your data and metadata sets is essential to the recovery process. Some reasons your company would need a Salesforce backup can include:

  • Analyzing data off the platform: Backups deliver a copy of your Salesforce data outside the platform. Your organization can use this copy to run a thorough analysis using tools not included in the Salesforce dashboard.
  • Reducing the risk of bulk data imports and updates: Salesforce includes tools such as Data Loader to import and update thousands of records instantly. If completed incorrectly, this action can accidentally remove or alter these records, which would be cumbersome to correct manually. Your organization could use the Salesforce backup to repopulate the platform with the correct data.
  • Undoing an error: Your employees may accidentally edit or delete values in Salesforce or change workflows and APEX script deployments. Your system may not recognize these errors immediately, but AutoRABIT Vault can undo this critical error and migrate the correct data back to Salesforce.

Benefits of Salesforce Data Backup Service

With the thousands of changes made in the Salesforce database daily, regular and reliable backups are critical for the Salesforce environment. The advantages of Salesforce backup and restore include:

  • Restore lost data: Rogue automation, user error, and mass data editing can accidentally delete or overwrite critical data. With Vault, you can restore your backup files to save your data and metadata. You can also send this data back to your Salesforce orgs.
  • Enhance data protection: The automated backup schedule improves data security by regularly saving data off-platform. Your company will have reliable backup data sets to rely on if the original source is compromised.
  • Save version data: With Salesforce data backup and restore from Vault, your organization won’t need to keep track of data changes or find them in exported files. You can save only the newest changes instead of the entire file, which protects the bulk of your data sets.
  • Detect and prevent data errors: Vault capabilities, such as Compare, identify problems in the data and metadata structures, so you can verify that the most recent data is saved and protected.
  • Comply with industry regulations: Our Salesforce data recovery manager allows your company to meet policy requirements for IT governance without sacrificing your data restoration needs. You can meet compliance regulations while backing up and recovering data at your ideal frequency.
  • Eliminate manual backup: Manual efforts to back up Salesforce data and metadata can be lengthy. Automatic backup from Vault eliminates the need to manage the backup process by completing it automatically.


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Percentage of Enterprises whose cloud data recovery resulted in failure to restore


Vault Data Backup & Recovery

Percentage of Enterprises who needed to restore data they lost from Cloud Applications

Backup and Data Recovery Manager for Salesforce

Vault is our data recovery manager for Salesforce, with several capabilities for data protection and security.


You can gain a comprehensive, automated Salesforce backup customized to your Salesforce environment. Your organization will have unlimited storage capacity in the cloud, and the backup frequency can be set to every day. Unlimited daily backups will save only new changes instead of the entire data set.

Backup features include:

  • Data backups for files, custom data sets, attachments, knowledge articles, and chatter feeds.
  • Custom and standard Salesforce objects preserved.
  • Relationships maintained during the backup.


If data is lost, it’s critical to know the cause and timing of the failure, which can help you identify the impact of the data loss. The Compare data security model in Salesforce allows you to view snapshots of data and metadata side by side. This comparison allows admins to learn more about the data failure.

The Compare tool for Salesforce data recovery allows you to:

  • Compare backup data using snapshots with live Salesforce data.
  • Control the granularity to the entire org or individual objects.
  • Use the visual interface to monitor the changes in data and metadata structures.
  • Recover quicker following a data loss event.

Data Restoration - Salesforce Recovery Tool

Salesforce data Restore allows you to recover your entire data sets or pieces of lost data. The restore function enables rollback to the entire org, and you can request record-, object- and field-level data from several points in the snapshots for data comparison. 

AutoRABIT has experience with rollbacks and restores for testing and development. With Restore, your team can recover:

  • Metadata
  • Data
  • Attachments
  • Various levels of parent-child relationships
  • Junction relationships


Separating test data into sandboxes and testing the reports, rules, code, and scripts can lead to errors. Replicate—a data recovery service for Salesforce—allows data and metadata to be reproduced. It also allows you to mask sensitive production data for protection and compliance during the testing phase.

With Replicate, you can:

  • Select data sets for code, reports, rules, and testing scripts.
  • Customize test data for your sandbox.
  • Determine relationships between data and objects.
  • Mask production data for its protection.


One of the Salesforce data backup tools by AutoRABIT is Archive. Archive for Vault enables long-term storage and can be used with Backup and Recovery for a long- and short-term storage solution. You can customize the policy for data retention and archiving frequency to meet your organization’s needs and the industry’s regulatory requirements. Admins can give exclusive permissions to select users, granting access to certain fields for self-service archiving.

Archive offers these benefits for Salesforce DevOps:

  • Compliance with industry regulations
  • Improved Salesforce app performance
  • Reduced storage costs
  • Customizable archiving policy

Secure + Comply

AutoRABIT Vault helps companies meet strict security measures and industry regulations for audits and compliance through capabilities such as data encryption and management for customer-owned keys.

Vault helps your company to meet industry-specific regulations. It complies with:

  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements, including the right to be forgotten.
  • The backup requirements for the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).
  • Regulations for International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 27001.
  • Cloud service system and organization controls (SOC) 1 and SOC 2 certifications.
  • Industry regulations for utilities, financial services, healthcare, government, and more.

Schedule a Demo of Our Salesforce Backup Solutions

AutoRABIT partners with Salesforce development teams to improve their Salesforce data migration practices. Vault supports you with comprehensive, reliable backups of your critical data so you can quickly recover crucial information after it was lost or compromised at the original source.

AutoRABIT helps our customers improve the quality of their work while maintaining security protections. We have experience in the following industries:

  • Insurance
  • Financial services
  • Banking
  • Health care
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical devices
  • Life sciences

Schedule a demo online to learn more about our Salesforce data recovery service. Our representative will walk you through all the details and answer your questions. Start your strategic data backups and automate your Salesforce CI/CD pipeline today.