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AutoRABIT Foundation Tailors
Hosting to Your Needs

Flexible Hosting Options for Your Salesforce Environment

AutoRABIT’s Flexible Hosting Options

AutoRABIT’s customizable deployment options enable customers to host the AutoRABIT DevOps platform in the way that best suits their internal security requirements and processes. AutoRABIT provides the most flexible hosting options in the market.


  • Provides flexibility and ease of access to your team members
  • Opens your Salesforce environment up to all geographic locations
  • Comes with a shared or dedicated tenancy model that is fully managed by AutoRABIT

Cloud (Dedicated Instance)

  • Increases the amount of control you have over who accesses your Salesforce environment
  • Operates in a virtual hosting site that is inaccessible by individuals that don’t work within your company
  • Enjoy the ease of access and the peace of mind knowing your system remains private


  • Provides the ultimate level of security
  • Gives you full control over your system
  • Keeps you in line with government regulations and enables complete oversight into the stability of your network

Keeping Your Development Pipeline Secure and Compliant

Data security is an important consideration. A comprehensive Salesforce data security policy is essential for regulated industries to remain compliant. But even non-regulated industries need to institute as many precautions as possible to protect their sensitive system information and customer data.

AutoRABIT exists off the Salesforce platform, putting an important layer of security between your development environment and any potential security risks. Our complete DevOps platform is certified and compliant with numerous regulations and data security requirements.

certified and compliant

certified and compliant

A Security-First DevSecOps Platform Built for Salesforce

The AutoRABIT Platform supports a variety of hosting options to best suite your needs. Cloud (dedicated instance) storage and self-hosted options are available.

Salesforce data security policies aren’t one-size-fits-all. Customize your hosting options to your specific needs and create a secure development environment.

Various tools are available to ensure the stability and safety of your most precious and sensitive data.

Anonymizing sensitive personally identifiable information (PII) is dictated by many data security regulations and offers another level of security to sensitive data.

AutoRABIT supports segregation of duties and role-based access controls to reinforce your data security measures.

Overexposure can create data security vulnerabilities. Maintain updated permission settings with AutoRABIT’s customizable interface.

High quality code increases the stability of updates and applications. CodeScan by AutoRABIT provides visibility into code health throughout the development lifecycle.

Static Code Analysis tools shore up security vulnerabilities within the building blocks of your applications the moment they present themselves. Early detection saves money and supports a successful Salesforce data security policy.



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