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AutoRABIT FlowCenter

Simplifying the Oversight and Flow of Salesforce DevOps

Stronger security. Operational efficiency. Actionable insights.

A No Code, Visual Approach

Total oversight depends on readability. FlowCenter repackages the DevOps lifecycle into easy-to-use drag and drop pipelines. A clean interface with comprehensive metrics creates value where there was once an unintelligible mess.

Bring Together ARM, CodeScan, and Vault

FlowCenter brings the entire AutoRABIT DevSecOps platform into an intuitive hub. Feedback is emphasized in the grand flow to enable users to learn early, fix problems, and create efficient and optimized processes.

Meet Audit + Compliance Needs

Security, Compliance, and Quality Are All Visible

Quality and security are embedded into every process of the DevOps pipeline. This includes code review, risk assessment, threat detection, and remediation. Any detected errors are flagged for easy fixing and streamlined compliance.


Visual Pipelines for Total Salesforce
DevSecOps Clarity

Actionable Insights

Diagnose failures with metrics into pipeline performance and data quality.

Drag-and-drop pipelines and workflows and easy to configure and use.

Vision AI

A visual approach to pre/post deployment automation reduces confusion and errors

Streamlined Decision-Making

DevOps dashboards easily export metrics to PPT, PDF, and CSV.

Secure and Compliant

Critical tools like role-based access control, SAML based SSO, and audit logging protect system data.

Customizable DevOps Processes

Define automated/manual triggers, schedule pipeline executions, and more with simple clicks

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