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Vlocity + AutoRABIT

Salesforce DevSecOps Solutions for the Healthcare Industry 

AutoRABIT has partnered with Vlocity to speed up the deployment of healthcare applications. Vlocity has been successful in providing powerful automation solutions in the cloud to address particularly complex industry segments. AutoRABIT streamlines the Salesforce DevOps process so you can quickly get new applications and enhancements to your customers.

Timeliness is important in the healthcare industry, but so is quality. AutoRABIT and Vlocity help you address these concerns with confidence.

Heightened Security + Compliance 

AutoRABIT is uniquely positioned to assist healthcare companies with adhering to regulatory requirements for handling sensitive information. This is why four of the top seven U.S. healthcare companies work with AutoRABIT.

AutoRABIT is ISO 27001 and SOC2-certified and HIPAA-compliant.

Flexible hosting: public cloud, self-managed cloud, or on-premises servers

Working off the Salesforce platform enables the highest levels of control and continuous connectivity.

Simplified Application Deployments 

Fewer manual processes enable DevOps teams to focus on what’s truly important: creating a quality experience for patients.

  • A pre-built platform seamlessly integrates your workflow.
  • Version control capabilities make it easy to record and track successful applications or revert to a stable edition after an error.
  • Risk reduction, privacy mandates, cost control, and security considerations can be delivered in the cloud or on-premises, depending on individual needs.

Powerful Automated Testing 

Our toolkit automates the tasks that require the most diligence and precision, removing the human element that leads to mistakes and backtracking. The automated testing process detects errors or compliance issues before deploying the application, saving valuable time and money.

  • Address complex industry segments and leverage the Salesforce platform to rapidly deliver solutions.
  • Simplified development, testing, and deployment enable healthcare companies to quickly get new applications and enhancements in front of those who need them.

When It Comes to Healthcare, Speed Matters

AutoRABIT has partnered with Vlocity to expedite the deployment of applications for the healthcare sector. This allows organizations to improve patient care by responding to needs faster and more precisely through intuitive DevOps technology. AutoRABIT enables healthcare teams to maintain a fast-paced deployment cycle that addresses emerging issues and needs in real time. 

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