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Security SOlutions

Comprehensive Data Security Solutions for Salesforce DevSecOps

One platform to eliminate manual processes, guarantee strong code, enforce proper permission settings, and maintain contemporary backups. 

Anything less than a holistic approach to data security results in vulnerabilities. A simple mistake can lead to massive data exposures and compliance failures. AutoRABIT is the only off platform option to offer an entire suite of automated security tools alongside SaaS, self-managed cloud, and on-premises deployment options. 

Encryption and data masking 

Access controls

Audit and eDiscovery support 

VPN support for public and private cloud connection 

ISO 27001 certified, HIPAA compliant, SOC 2 certified

Salesforce Governance and Security Framework 

Salesforce Application Security 

Salesforce Data Security 

Integrated, Comprehensive Control and Visibility 

With AutoRABIT, there’s no need to invest in another security platform. We operate within the Salesforce development world, providing speed and cost savings while managing your Salesforce security blind spots. Our comprehensive approach ensures you gain the visibility and control needed to secure your Salesforce applications and data effectively. 

Compliance and Data Security 

Meet regulatory requirements with AutoRABIT’s built-in compliance features. Our platform offers detailed backup, security auditing and reporting, data classification, and automated governance policies to ensure adherence to industry standards, reducing the risk of non-compliance. 

Streamlined Change Management for Low-Code 

AutoRABIT provides a structured approach to change management within Salesforce low-code environments. Our tools enable version control, rollback capabilities, and detailed audit trails, ensuring that every change is tracked and managed securely. 

Eliminate Coding Errors and Guarantee Proper Settings with AutoRABIT CodeScan 

A simple mistake isn’t so simple when it leads to compliance failures. CodeScan combines the power of static code analysis and security posture management to eliminate manual errors that currently threaten your Salesforce environment. Thorough monitoring of permission settings and code quality ensures your team can fix errors before they have a chance to expose or corrupt your data. 

  • High Code Hygiene Coverage: More than 800 built-in rules that align with OWASP, CWE, and SANS standards check every line of code before passing it on to the next development stage. 
  • Automated Scans: Ensure 100% adherence to standard and custom Salesforce policies.
  • Reduce Technical Debt: Support regulatory compliance standards and track your progress with specialized dashboards and reports. 

Safeguard Salesforce Data While Maintaining Compliance Standards with AutoRABIT Vault 

Data loss happens. Mistakes in data loads, integrations, logic changes, or malicious tampering can put some or all of your Salesforce data at risk. And when this happens, a recent backup snapshot and the ability to quickly restore your data can be the difference between returning to operations or losing millions of dollars. AutoRABIT Vault protects your data, so you always have a safety net. 

  • Full or Incremental Backups: Include complex metadata relationships and hierarchies. 
  • Flexible Restore Options: Easily select and restore full, incremental, object-level, or even individual fields and records with complete metadata sets to achieve Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs). 
  • Integrated Data Security: Compare backup snapshots, automate sandbox seeding and replication, and integrate with AutoRABIT’s complete data security platform for total coverage. 


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