Version Control

Salesforce Continuous Integration is never fully accomplished without having an effective version control system, and branching strategy in-place.

Deployment Automation

Migration of configuration and code from development to production is a transitional journey; it happens as a part of the release strategy…

Environment Management

With AutoRABIT, have easy synchronization of releases across geographically spread sandboxes. The version controller analyzes detailed changes

Dataloader Pro

Data Loader Pro is an advanced feature provided by AutoRABIT. You can now transfer data from source org to destination in a more convenient way.

Test Automation Factory

AutoRABIT Test Automation Factory is the only tool that can support seamless record-and-playback of your functional scenarios with selenium…

Audit and Reporting

AutoRABIT makes the compliance, audit and risk management easier along with a graphical representation of different reports and dashboards.

Continuous Delivery Suite

AutoRABIT – A Release Management Suite for Salesforce Applications

AutoRABIT is a Salesforce Continuous Delivery Suite with Deployment Automation, Version Control, Data Loader & Test Automation enabling CI for Salesforce.

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