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Accelerated Deployment of Salesforce and Conga CPQ

Record Migrator for
Salesforce Managed Packages

Automatic bundling of all feature dependencies for Salesforce managed packages and deployment of templates ensures fast, efficient, and seamless releases.

Configuration Data and Metadata Deployments for
Industry-Leading Salesforce Managed Package Solutions

AutoRABIT’s integration with industry leaders provides seamless deployments on the only complete Salesforce DevSecOps platform.


AutoRABIT for Salesforce CPQ Managed Packages

Salesforce quote-to-cash solution

AutoRABIT for Apttus/Conga CPQ

Conga Configuration Price Quote, formerly Apttus CPQ, a quote-to-cash solution

The Only Comprehensive Record-Based Configuration Solution

AutoRABIT Record Migrator enables customers to achieve a 10x accelerated delivery pipeline for Salesforce managed packages by seamlessly moving the configuration data.

  • Intuitive UI for easy template creation by defining a data set migration parameters
  • Identify multi-hierarchy object dependencies
  • Intuitive query builder for defining filter criteria
  • Validation step to ensure data accuracy and higher quality
  • Protect sensitive production data with data masking
  • Unique External ID
  • Automatic field mapping for objects included in the deployment
  • Automatically disable validation rules and workflow rules


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