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Banking & Financial Services

Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences

Pharma & Life Sciences development orgs turn to AutoRABIT for its enhanced security
features and tight integrations with the top Salesforce applications in the industry

Current day events have created unprecedented pressure on research, clinical trials, production and delivery for Pharma and Lifesciences companies. There is an urgent call to speed up delivery that is impacting application developers and administrators who manage CRM, Supply Chain and Data Management systems for the industry. Stringent process adherence plus healthcare related compliance requirements add more complexity.

Compliance mandated tracking on an individual basis means that PII (Personally Identifiable Information) must be protected while preserving individual records. As organizations are moving their applications to the cloud, specialized providers have emerged to provide perfect alternatives to legacy on premise applications. This helps companies reduce their Capital Expenditure or CapEx and move their software and application costs to be reflected as Operational Expense or OpEx.

All these changes are creating expectations that application providers, developers and IT administrators can deliver enhancements, upgrades and new features almost instantly with minimal disruption and flawless operation.

Cloud-based DevOps has emerged as the leading approach within the pharmaceutical and Life Sciences industry for fast tracking the delivery of high quality software and deploying it without disruptions. DevOps is essentially a set of processes that combines software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops) to shorten the systems development life cycle and provide continuous integration and continuous delivery with close to zero defects.

Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences

AutoRABIT has partnered with Veeva to Address the Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences Industry

Veeva is a leading provider of cloud-based CRM and Clinical Data Management solutions for the Pharmaceuticals and Lifesciences industries.

Veeva delivers innovative, cloud-based CRM, data management and case management solutions as managed packages on the Salesforce platform. As a provider of DevOps solutions purpose built for Salesforce, AutoRABIT simplifies the process of building, configuring and testing applications built on the Veeva platform

AutoRABIT enables development teams and IT ops functions to quickly deploy Veeva CRM and related applications for customers. This would include mapping data models, custom objects as well as metadata. AutoRABIT’s metadata aware process provides the power to handle data migrations for managed packages by grouping like data types together and being able to initiate configurations based on labels and package types.

AutoRABIT enabled Developers to use Best-In-Class Dev Tools with Veeva CRM

The AutoRABIT platform is not restricted by constructs that Salesforce-native applications have. This provided the flexibility of integrating with best-in-class development tools such as version control, planning and test automation. Readily available plug-ins for IDE environments like VS Code allow developers to very quickly deploy their Veeva enhancements. For more information on AutoRABIT’s DevOps capabilities with Veeva CRM.

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