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+1 925 500 1004


Eliminate Coding Errors and Enhance Accountability with CodeScan

Copado’s customers in the financial services industry don’t have access to CodeScan’s extensive toolsets and security posture management capabilities. Automate critical functions and let your team get back to work.

certified and compliant

- comparing

AutoRABIT ARM vs Copado

Comparing AutoRABIT’s comprehensive solutions against the holes in Copado’s coverage

  AutoRABIT Copado
Hosting Options:
Cloud Hosting
On-Premises Hosting Jira
Version Control:
Retrieve and deploy changes (Git, SVN, TFS, Perforce, and others) Git Only
Version control client operations, including code check-in and branch creation
Compare code between version control system and Salesforce orgs
Deploy changes from a version control system for a selected revision or revision range -
Attach user story to a version control check-in
Deploy user stories from version control system
Multiple merge conflict strategies -
Smart conflict resolution with offline merge -
Compare a Salesforce org and delete metadata -
Salesforce DX scratch org support -
Deployment & Continuous Integration:
Deploy unsupported metadata types -
Deploy only delta between environments -
Schedule builds and deployments
Apex test execution and code coverage
Backup and rollback with pre/post destructive steps -
Integrated data loader to deploy metadata and data together -
Download deployed zip or rollback zip -
Incremental builds -
Automation of destructive changes at metadata level -
Support for Selenium - Maven and non-maven Projects -
Test Automation:
Automated execution of functional and performance tests
Dynamic provisioning of automated test data at time of execution
Intelligently identify dependent apex tests for execution -
Data Loader:
Integrated web-based data loader -
Data masking to prevent abuse of sensitive production data -
Sandbox Management:
Sandbox synchronization
Scheduled backups of sandbox metadata and key objects -
Code comparison between metadata members of two sandboxes
Design, update & deploy a profile across sandboxes -
ALM Support:
Enterprise user management with roles and ACLs
Integration with ALM tools, including JIRA, Redmine, and RTC -
Deployment based on ALM user story status
Raise defects in ALM for test case failures -

Complete data security requires a comprehensive approach

AutoRABIT’s offers DevSecOps functionality Copado can’t match.

“I work as a senior developer for my company and I had awesome experience using this tool. In particular, I liked the features related to easy commit, Dataloader pro and CI Jobs.”

A full stack solution is the only way to optimize Salesforce development

“AutoRABIT is a well-blended suite of solutions that complemented our Salesforce Release Management efforts.”


AutoRABIT provides the powerful tools DevOps teams need to produce reliable, secure applications and updates.