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Autorabit Automated Release Management For Salesforce

Automated Release Management

Total Automation for your Salesforce CI/CD Pipeline
Autorabit Automated Release Management For Salesforce

Total Automation for your Salesforce CI/CD Pipeline

AutoRABIT delivers a unified CI/CD solution purpose built for Salesforce. The ease of use provided by AutoRABIT makes it much easier for Salesforce administrators and developers to leverage an enterprise-class DevOps process to accelerate their journey from defining requirements to deploying code. AutoRABIT is a cloud-based CI/CD and release automation suite specifically designed for Salesforce.com. AutoRABIT helps Salesforce developers, admins, analysts, and release managers automate version control, deployment, testing, data loading and sandbox management across multiple Salesforce orgs.

Metadata Mastery

AutoRABIT has developed Metadata Mastery as a key functional element that flows through all the automated DevOps processes enabling true CI/CD (Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery). AutoRABIT manages all one hundred and sixty-nine Metadata types that exist in the Salesforce catalog making it the most complete solution leveraging metadata. Migrating data and metadata through the environments successfully improved the quality of the code and testing procedures. Developers, testers and release management teams spend less time resolving data issues resulting in more frequent and faster deployments.

Deployment Automation

AutoRABIT’s release management solution automates deployment management. Salesforce org owners and administrative staff can be rest assured that they will deliver the fastest and safest transfer of newly developed functionality for their Salesforce orgs. With AutoRABIT’s Deployment Automation delivers the ability to:

  • Transfer validation rules, custom objects, new fields, apex codes, and many other components from development to a live production instance.
  • Flexible CI/CD workflow across the tools starting from user stories, version control and sandbox deployments.
  • AutoRABIT’s one-click deployment ensures metadata changes are easily deployed to multiple environments.
  • Deploy changes directly from your Salesforce org or version control system
  • Select specific metadata types to be deployed.
  • Rollback to remediate coding errors or unintended data overwrites.
  • Easy-to-understand deployment logs for future analysis
  • Prevent deployments from failing by automatically removing any components that do not exist in the destination org.
  • Generate reports to validate a successful deployment

AutoRABIT Deployment Automation can support a variety of deployment types:

  •  Sandbox-to-Sandbox deployments
  • Deployments using AutoRABIT builds
  • Deployments using Package.xml files
  • Deployments using a previously deployed build into a new destination
  • Deployments using Version Control Revision Number

Version Control

AutoRABIT helps Salesforce developers, admins, analysts, and release managers with out-of-the-box automation of version control. This also translates to faster deployment, testing, data loading and sandbox management. With AutoRABIT, your team can achieve higher release velocity and substantially improved time to market.

Configure settings for the version control system so that to support Auto-Commit for changes. Additionally, the automated version control eliminates potential errors while transferring changes from an Org to the version control system.

Test Automation

Test Automation accelerates the testing process by integrating test scripts and test case generation with customers’ existing software test tools. AutoRABIT’s test automation capability allows the test team and developers to collaborate on test scripts and manage test cases to eliminate errors and reduce cycle times.

  •  Deploying Test Automation reduces test time by 75% while delivering 25% reduction in costs.
  • Support for standard test procedures like Selenium Testing and JMeter etc.
  • Auto-generate test scenarios to run against multiple release environments and multiple browsers.
  • Deliver visibility of Apex Test Execution, detailed test coverage and class coverage reports.
  • Record and playback your recorded test cases from the AutoRABIT solution
  • Data Extraction framework to separate data from test script and enhance with multiple datasheets.

Sandbox Management

AutoRABIT Sandbox Management delivers easy synchronization of releases in sandboxes spread across different geographies. The version controller analyzes detailed changes after every cycle and handles software configuration management. AutoRABIT enables easy compare and version management processes.

  •  Synchronize versions across multiple sandboxes
  • Compare instances and remove redundant data
  • Commit changes on the fly with options such as ‘Add to destination’ and ‘Delete from destination
  • Automate scheduled back-ups
  • Support for secured access with 2FA and SSO
  • Access comprehensive logs and reports for deployment, warnings, and destructive changes

Data Loader Pro

AutoRABIT Data Loader Pro is a powerful tool for importing and exporting data between flat files, databases, and Salesforce. AutoRABIT’s Metadata Mastery™ enables a full-featured data migration for Salesforce. AutoRABIT Data Loader Pro supports the seamless transfer of millions of records across multiple environments. Developers and administrators can intelligently migrate complex records so DevOps teams can build, migrate code and data and test across the Salesforce release cycle.

  •  Seamless support for circular references and excellent visibility for parent-child relationships. Automatic selection of parents based on senior-most ancestry
  • Extract objects from source sandbox and transfer them to the destination with a few simple clicks
  • Conveniently check for data integrity between the source and the destination
  • View detailed reports of any failure from Data Loader operations
  • View and maintain data history from Data Loader operations
  • Automatic username suffix for identifying the transferred users in destination org
  • Benefit from several options of execution of a data loading process, including Run, Edit, Stop, Schedule, Delete and Log
  • Schedule migrations and processes as and when needed

AutoRABIT Salesforce DX

Automated Release Management for Salesforce DX integrates a variety of tools and processes used by DevOps teams that have adopted Salesforce DX to configure, build and release on the Salesforce platform. The suite works seamlessly with the multiple tools used by DevOps teams to build, test and manage SF DX deployments on their Salesforce platform. AutoRABIT’s proprietary Metadata Mastery™ combines process and software so customers can achieve continuous delivery on their Salesforce development instance.

  • Leverage AutoRABIT to apply Agile and DevOps best practices to Salesforce DX tools and procedures.
  • Integrate DX Scratch Orgs with ALM tools
  • Delivers an easy to use graphical interface in place of the command line interface
  • Extends DX beyond deployment and Apex testing