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AutoRABIT Strengthens ARM for Improved Quality, Security, and DevSecOps Efficiency

AutoRABIT Strengthens ARM for Improved Quality, Security, and DevSecOps Efficiency

AutoRABIT continues its commitment to elevating the Salesforce DevSecOps experience with a new update to its Automated Release Management (ARM) solution. This update introduces advancements that further empower clients to enhance product security and streamline development practices.

Here’s what you can expect from the most recent update:

  1. Security + Compliance
  2. Operational Efficiency
  3. Actionable Insights

1. Security + Compliance

Strategic automation is critical for producing quality DevOps projects at a high velocity without sacrificing quality. AutoRABIT ARM is expanding its users’ potential for improvements in quality and security during Salesforce development.

Dependency Analyzer in CI Jobs

The Dependency Analyzer offers users the ability to view and manage dependent metadata components as part of a quality gate to keep commits from breaking any existing functionalities in the org or deployments.

AutoRABIT Strengthens ARM for Improved Quality, Security, and DevSecOps Efficiency

ARM’s quality gates help Salesforce developers run multiple checks to understand if and how their commits can break a Salesforce org. These are the current gates:

  1. Static Code Analysis
  2. Salesforce Security Posture Management
  3. Application Security Testing

The Dependency Analyzer offers a fourth gate called the Dependency Check. This allows users to see what they are missing due to Salesforce specificity.

ARM introduced a feature that offers notification suppression for inactive users. This new capability reduces email traffic and loss of information to inactive users to help build trust with customers.

The active/inactive check must be completed on the delivery list before triggering emails on CI job notifications. This reduces email traffic and stops emails to deactivated users.

Users might have multiple CI jobs, making it extremely tedious to update all jobs to remove user IDs.

ARM users will verify an email delivery list with active or inactive status and automated emails will be sent only to active users whenever there is a trigger to a CI job.

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2. Operational Efficiency

Streamlining DevOps processes start with the reduction of manual work. Automation is the key to optimizing your approach and minimizing costly errors. Listed below are some of the ways AutoRABIT ARM is expanding its value to customers.

Enterprise JIRA

Users are likely working with third-party applications like JIRA in their Salesforce environment. ARM’s recent updates provide enhanced security and seamless integration with external tools, allowing controlled access to JIRA’s APIs without sharing login credentials.

Personal Access Tokens (PATs) in the context of JIRA refer to user-specific authentication tokens that allow developers or automation to access JIRA’s APIs securely without the user’s actual login credentials. PATs are generated by users to grant specific permissions such as read or write access to JIRA resources.

AutoRABIT Strengthens ARM for Improved Quality, Security, and DevSecOps Efficiency

ServiceNow ALM Management

ServiceNow is a cloud-based platform, which provides applications that help organizations automate and manage various business processes, such as IT service management, human resources, and customer service. The goal is to manage software development projects more efficiently.

With the most recent update, ARM has the ability to integrate ServiceNow with other tools that improve efficiency, streamline processes, and make information more easily accessible. Workflows will be more streamlined, reducing the time and effort required to manage and resolve service requests.

This integration will allow teams to work more effectively, improving collaboration and communication. Ultimately, this will lead to improved service delivery and increased customer satisfaction.

Delta Merge after CI

This new functionality will automatically identify and append revisions for merges and deployment.

The key challenge for low-code developers is to understand and manage version control. One key flexibility that ARM offers is to tactically cherry-pick revisions of a branch for merge or deployment.

The goal of this automation is to select revisions identified as part of a build cycle and append them to another branch at the user’s discretion.

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3. Actionable Insights

AutoRABIT Strengthens ARM for Improved Quality, Security, and DevSecOps Efficiency

Finding help when something goes wrong is essential to maintaining proper focus on business processes. AutoRABIT ARM has streamlined Salesforce support in a variety of new environments:

  • V57
  • V58
  • Vlocity
  • Scheduler
  • SFDX to SF CLI

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AutoRABIT ARM: Streamlining Salesforce DevOps

Introducing new features and capabilities to AutoRABIT ARM’s industry-leading technology integrations means users are able to exponentially increase their value derived from the tool. Stronger applications, more secure environments, and streamlined processes are now even more achievable.

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