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Automated CI/CD

Total Software Delivery Orchestration.
Powerful CI/CD Purpose Built for Salesforce

End-to-End Automation Business Innovation at Scale.
Automated CI/CD

AutoRABIT CI/CD Platform

  • Deliver New Applications Faster with Continuous Delivery
  • Guaranty Successful Deployments – Eliminate Failure
  • Enable Developer Collaboration and Engagement – leverage existing tools.
  • Built-In Security and Compliance Validation
  • Extensible Services include Backup and Recovery and Vertical Industry Add-Ons

Extensible Platform Supports Partner Solutions and Extensions

AutoRABIT Enables a Measurable DevOps Maturity Model

Best Automated DevOps Platform Purpose-Built for Salesforce

  • AutoRABIT’s Metadata-aware CI Server delivers 30x Faster Salesforce Deployment.

  • Multi-threaded workflow enables parallel builds for faster release cycles.

  • Single-click rollback to correct errors from Salesforce quick deploy or continuous integration.
  • Preserve data hierarchies and dependencies in data loader during migration.

  • Integrates with more third-party development tools

  • Extensible to add industry and environment specific solutions
Automated CI/CD

AutoRABIT Maturity Model


AutoRABIT CI/CD Platform
Custom Built for Salesforce

Scales Seamlessly for Large Dev Teams and Multiple Orgs

Getting new business requirements implemented fasted guarantees a much better return on investment. AutoRABIT can help you deliver business innovation to the market faster guaranteeing more revenue and enhanced competitiveness.

Designed for Salesforce and the CloudOutperforms Generic DevOps Tools

We handle all 169 types of Salesforce metadata and preserve dependencies, resulting in faster deployments with fewer errors. Create end to end CI jobs and configurations without coding.

Respond to your Business with Faster Speed to Market

The capability to build, deploy and test for multiple Salesforce orgs from one place allows teams to function faster with fewer failures. Version Control and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) support commit and release labels with unlimited data migration.

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Customizing and deploying AppExchange apps doesn’t have to be difficult

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