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Introducing AutoRABIT Vault for nCino

We’re excited to announce the addition to our existing support of nCino Bank Operating System® with AutoRABIT ARM release management new data protection capabilities with AutoRABIT Vault for nCino.

With this new offering, financial institutions that use nCino’s Bank Operating System® to help stay ahead of rapidly changing market conditions and drive innovation now have a fast and compliant nCino backup, recovery, and archiving solution that also enables the speedy development of new offerings.

Achieving data protection for nCino data sets and customization is business-critical but comes with the need to meet the unique compliance requirements of banks and other lending institutions.  nCino leverages the Salesforce platform as a key driver for customer innovation and delivery speed. This is a great match for AutoRABIT, with our intimate, detailed knowledge and capabilities of Salesforce development and data protection.  With Vault for nCino, we used this knowledge and know-how to deliver a data protection specifically designed for the needs of the financial institutions running nCino’s Bank Operating System.

Data Maintenance and Recovery

To protect against data loss or corruption, tools that enable backup, recovery, and selective restores are just “the basics”.  Financial organizations must also meet Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) for data, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery requirements as well as extended regulatory requirements and deliver all of this at the speed of business.

Built on our proven AutoRABIT Vault offering for Salesforce, Vault for nCino is automated for rapid backup and restore of complete nCino environments or individual features and records without having to resort to error-prone manual processes.  In addition, our “Smart” backup and restore capability for individual features and records is a critical enabler for institutions to meet compliance-driven recovery point and recovery time objectives (RPO and RTO).

Meeting Compliance Requirements for Data Security and PII
Financial institutions face a daunting set of regulatory requirements and the need for fraud and theft protection.

With Vault for nCino, get a data protection solution that supports your compliance, privacy, and extended IT security requirements.  The solution is ISO 27001, HIPAA and SOC2 certified and includes features supporting data retention, recovery time objectives, disaster recovery, the right to be forgotten, data location/soveriegnty, detailed audit logging, and data breach prevention, as well as the capability to reduce of attack surfaces with AES-256 encryption (with BYOK) and data masking.

Accelerate Development of Customization and Features for nCino Bank Operating System
Salesforce development and test sandboxes are needed to support nCino customization and feature development (including seeding and archiving those sandboxes).  Speedy development requires that these environments include complete (but anonymized) data sets, as well as nCino’s Salesforce related metadata and inheritance information.  To keep costs in line, data storage within the underlying Salesforce platform should also be minimize.  With Vault for nCino organizations enable release updates and changes at speed while also keeping Salesforce data charges in check.

Reduce Errors and Increase Delivery Speed with Data Masking
With Vault for nCino, quickly and easily seed development and QA environments with anonymized, complete data sets representative of both the size and complexity of production environments to reduce errors and increase the speed of nCino customization delivery.

Reduce Salesforce Data Charges with Archiving
Archival capabilities enable nCino customers to keep relevant information in Salesforce and quickly retrieve from archives older information when needed to reduce the need for large data set storage within the Salesforce platform.

Rollback Quickly and with Confidence
If problems occur, the environment can be rolled back to previous states quickly and easily from individual records to entire nCino data sets.

Made for nCino by AutoRABIT
With AutoRABIT Vault for nCino, get the complete feature-level backup, restore, and archive of nCino implementations that:

  • Saves time and reduces errors with Smart backup and restore
  • Restores nCino environments with unlimited relationship depth
  • Helps to meet compliance and regulatory requirements with an extended feature set designed for financial institutions
  • Saves money by minimizing Salesforce platform storage costs
  • And rapidly gets organizations to market with new features and enhancements for nCino