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What’s new with AutoRABIT ARM – Our 20.3 Releases

Automated Release Management for Salesforce development
velocity, quality, security, and compliance

What’s new with AutoRABIT ARM – Our 20.3 Releases

Over the past few months, we’ve been enhancing AutoRABIT ARM with new capabilities to help drive your Salesforce release velocity and quality while also improving your compliance stance. You’ll find capabilities throughout AutoRABIT ARM that enable higher productivity, greater ease of use, simplified processes, and even better integration with developer tools. Changes that will make your life

 easier as a developer, salesforce admin, or release manager and get your releases out faster, with higher quality, and more secure code.

New – Dashboards!

The most visible change you’ll see is our new dashboarding capability. Users can create personal dashboards from a library of available widgets to visualize, compare, and filter information. And – you can click through to the raw data sets when you need all the detail.

What’s new with AutoRABIT ARM – Our 20.3 Releases

New – Static Code Analysis tool support!

What’s new with AutoRABIT ARM – Our 20.3 Releases

On the security and compliance front, the highlight is new integration support for Static Code Analysis tools – SonarQube, ApexPMD, CodeScan, and Checkmarx. With this new capability, you’ll be able to find and fix code errors early and fast – eliminating possible security holes and other problems early on

in the DevOps cycle. Included are capabilities to run and export the analysis reports from these tools as well.

nCino Bank OS additions

For customers using AutoRABIT ARM to enhance and manage nCino’s Bank Operating System®, you’ll find new CI/CD jobs capabilities. These include new nCino feature template and Salesforce metadata enhancements that make possible traditional CI/CD benefits – Such as enabling developer teams to work on common code sets at the same time.

Other highlights:

Enhanced integrations.

  • Extended GitHub integration – Now use multiple repositories from the same host provider with AutoRABIT ARM CI jobs and other modules.
  • Salesforce Vlocity- Now link, monitor, add and update Jira issues while committing or merging Vlocity components to a version control branch. Also, we now support Backup and Rollback capabilities.

Merge Requests for Version Control – Merge Requests are a new addition to our existing Merge capabilities. Our “New Merge,” now renamed as “Ez-Merge,” is an easy and effective method to merge changes between two different branches. With Merge Requests, we are bringing the traditional Pull Request workflow to Salesforce DevOps so that developers can collaborate on proposed changes to source code before the merge.

Process enhancements – New enhancements to our integrated development process flows to add automated pre-and post-build actions using web callouts

Pull requests on merges – Now institute a collaboration requirement before merges to add another layer of Insurance against conflicts and overwrites before merging new code.

Updated Salesforce DX capabilities – Added CLI updates and unlocked package support

And much more.