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AutoRABIT Record Migrator Now Available

AutoRABIT is proud to expand our DevSecOps offerings by introducing AutoRABIT Record Migrator. This powerful tool empowers customers and partners to deploy hundreds of AppExchange apps and add-ons quickly and easily. Manually moving configuration records throughout Salesforce is complex, time-consuming, and frustrating. AutoRABIT’s 1-click deployment simplifies this process by eliminating errors, reducing costs, and creating repeatable processes for every release and upgrade.

AutoRABIT ARM has come to be known for its ability to move data and metadata. AutoRABIT Record Migrator furthers this effort by simplifying the movement of configurations.

Reduced Configuration and Deployment Time

Customers, consultants, and ISV’s spend valuable time and resources trying to integrate apps into the Salesforce ecosystem. AutoRABIT’s 1-click deployment simplifies this process by allowing users to migrate configuration records without having to map the underlying data schema with CSV files after every release.

AutoRABIT Record Migrator

Record Migrator simplifies this process and provides an easy-to-use interface.

Customers need a solution that allows them to deploy their hundreds of AppExchange apps and add-ons. Create templates for fast, seamless releases across various packages and drastically reduce deployment times.

Analyzing the value stream for your AppExchange apps can locate potential improvements. AutoRABIT provides dashboards to help you analyze your application delivery pipelines and identify opportunities to maximize your outcomes.

The result is a drastic reduction of configuration and deployment time. Processes that once took days can be completed in hours—or even minutes.

1-Click Deployments

Unnecessarily complicated functions lead to wasted time and an increased opportunity for errors. AutoRABIT has simplified the process of deploying AppExchange apps by offering 1-click deployments. Faster deployments lead to timely releases and happier end users, but that’s not all.

1-click deployments offer a series of benefits:

  • Increased acceleration of delivery
  • Fast and seamless deployment
  • Smart data relationship handling
  • Intuitive query builder for customizing complex queries
  • Protection of sensitive production data with data masking to assist compliance
  • Enable any Salesforce admin to confidently migrate record-based configurations

Single Pipeline

Unreliable records lead to unreliable results. It’s essential to know what is included in your migrations in order to trust your environment.

AutoRABIT Record Migrator offers a single pipeline to move metadata, customizations, data, and configuration records.

The configuration data within AppExchange apps can be detected and identified as being used or deployed by a customer. All records and insights are stored within the unified pipeline so you can better understand release quality trends and make better informed decisions based on the information.

Problems Solved by AutoRABIT Record Migrator

Problems Solved by AutoRABIT Record Migrator

The number of products available on the Salesforce AppExchange is constantly growing. Managing the deployment of these apps into your Salesforce environment is a nightmare. Managed packages contain app components and customizations. It can be very difficult to deploy the customizations and bring new capabilities to market.

Record Migrator solves the complex, manual process of moving configuration records across sandboxes. This makes it easier to customize managed packages and bring new capabilities to market.

Out-of-the-box templates are available to open the world of tool configuration to any team member with minimal training.

Ease of access and use allows developers to focus on deployments. Record Migrator is designed to be lightweight to open its benefits up to every member of your team.

Integrate with DevSecOps Platform

AutoRABIT’s DevSecOps platform covers every aspect of your Salesforce development environment with powerful tools like ARM, CodeScan, and Vault Data Backup & Recovery. Utilizing these tools alongside Record Migrator provides complete coverage and ensures your DevSecOps efforts are streamlined and optimized.