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CodeScan Shield: Enhanced Data Quality, Security, and Accountability

While multiple factors contribute to a healthy Salesforce environment, there are many liabilities that create quality, security, and compliance risks.

CodeScan Shield addresses these potential liabilities with a dual-pronged, automated approach.

CodeScan Shield: Enhanced Data Quality, Security, and AccountabilityCodeScan provides static code analysis for total visibility into code health from the moment it’s written through production. OrgScan governs organizational policies by enforcing the security and compliance rules mandated for your Salesforce environment. Together, they ensure the code that makes up your Salesforce environment and the way the environment is being utilized always meet high standards.

The result is strengthened data security, streamlined DevSecOps processes, and an assurance of meeting compliance rules—avoiding potentially thousands of dollars in fines and lost opportunities.

CodeScan Shield is comprised of two modules for Salesforce developers and admins:

  1. CodeScan
  2. OrgScan


CodeScan Shield: Enhanced Data Quality, Security, and Accountability

CodeScan immediately alerts developers the moment an error is introduced into the coding repository. More than 600 built-in rules, which align with OWASP, CWE, and SANS standards, check every line of code before moving on to the next development stage, saving time and money.

CodeScan speeds code reviews through automated checks for bugs and vulnerabilities:

  • Detection of code bugs and defects
  • Real-time feedback on coding errors with IDE plugins
  • Code-quality benchmarking and technical debt assessment
  • Compatibility with Apex, Visualforce, Lightning Web Components, Metadata, flows, and process builders

CodeScan offers coverage from multiple angles to support code health, proper handling of sensitive data, and increased data security through:

  • Real-Time Alerts: Developers are immediately notified when an error occurs.
  • High-Level Analysis: Dashboards and reports provide up-to-date snapshots of code health.
  • Flexible Integrations: Integrates with IDE plugins, enabling coders to work in a comfortable environment.


CodeScan Shield: Enhanced Data Quality, Security, and Accountability

OrgScan automatically scans your Salesforce environment for these rules and policies and provides actionable insights into how successfully your team is adhering to them.

OrgScan enables Salesforce admins and compliance personnel to manage internal and customer policies without ever touching a single line of code. OrgScan users scan these groups of rules with 100% accuracy to verify each requirement is consistently met.

OrgScan addresses metadata rules in areas of your Salesforce environment that need it most:

  • Profiles
  • Permission Sets
  • User Settings
  • Session Settings
  • Flow

The various types of data and metadata within your Salesforce environment need to be handled appropriately. This requires a three-step approach, which OrgScan provides, that includes:

  • Inventory Management: Understanding your Salesforce org
  • Governance: Setting the standards for your org
  • Analysis: Finding and enforcing specified policies

The result of upholding these essential functions flows throughout your organization. Maintaining quality and security standards prevents costly infiltrations, along with avoiding fines and penalties. The combination of both modules that comprise CodeScan Shield ensures your Salesforce environment is covered from multiple angles.

Benefits of CodeScan Shield

CodeScan Shield protects your Salesforce org from both the inside and out. CodeScan provides dashboards and reports for consistent code visibility, while alerting developers the moment new errors are introduced.

OrgScan analyzes Salesforce policies to ensure the organization remains compliant with client-mandated specifications and guidelines. Violations are flagged and recorded in an interactive dashboard. Progress is tracked for policy reviews. Collectively, these features ensure admins maintain governance control over their organization.

CodeScan Shield: Enhanced Data Quality, Security, and AccountabilityCodeScan:

  • Ensures consistent, high-quality code
  • Reduces technical debt
  • Speeds delivery velocity
  • Integrates with popular IDE plugins
  • Increases code visibility
  • Promotes learning with immediate developer feedback


  • Evaluates for 100% adherence to native and custom Salesforce policies
  • Supports regulatory compliance standards
  • Provides immediate notification and explanation of policy failures
  • Produces thorough, specialized dashboards and reports
  • Enables the announcement of policy parameters
  • Has an easy-to-use, no-code interface

CodeScan Shield is now available from AutoRABIT. Schedule a demo today to learn more.