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What’s new with AutoRABIT ARM – March 2021 Release (21.1)

AutoRABIT has been working hard since January to bring you a new release that will help your team deliver rapid, high-quality, highly secure releases. You’ll find a significant upgrade to the look and feel of ARM, new dashboard widgets, log file formats compatible with SIEM systems, and more.

New functionality areas for this release

  • Security and compliance
  • UI improvements
  • APIs and integrations
  • DevOps process enhancements
  • SFDX enhancements
  • nCino and Vlocity

Security and compliance
Support for CEF audit log file formats – You’ll find that they are now compatible with SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) systems such as ArcSight and QRadar, as well as making it significantly easier to meet compliance and auditing standards.

UI improvements

  • Enjoy our brand-new look and feel. You’ll find updated colors, fonts, and logos – and all the features you use every day still in the same place
  • Brand new widgets add more flexibility and tracking to your dashboards and reports, including developer productivity and Continuous Integration (CI) process maturity views.

APIs and integrations

  • Salesforce API 51.0 is now supported – including with our Dataloader/Dataloader Pro modules

DevOps process improvements

  • Commit Options for Permission sets – In the Admin Settings, a new capability on a Commit operation. Retrieve or deploy only selected permission sets from the version control file – Rather than the entire permission set.

  • Improved Rollback Capability – We’re continually enhancing our Rollback capability. With this release, we have added a starting point in automating the process by enabling you to select what metadata you’ll roll back manually and automate the rest.

  • External Pull Requests – Support for GitHub and Bitbucket user participation – Now GitHub and Bitbucket users can participate in the pull request/approval process – With the process managed from AutoRABIT ARM

SFDX enhancements

    • Automate populating your Scratch orgs with Metadata – Replace the time-consuming and error-prone manual task of selecting features, settings, licenses, and limits when setting up a development Scratch org. Instead, automate the process by transferring from a Salesforce Org, a Version Control Branch, or a Module (an unlocked package.

    • Auto Commit (Backup) to your Version Control repository on deployment With your Salesforce DX-enabled code repositories (such as Git, SVN, etc.), you can now Auto Commit into the repository as part of your deployment process – Saving time lost from a manual commit operation

    • Salesforce DX CLI Support – Supports the latest Salesforce DX CLI – 7.83
    • Salesforce Dependency API Beta support – SFDX only – The Salesforce Dependency API is still in beta – but it has the potential to be such a powerful tool for developers that we’ve already begun implementing our support for it. If you want to start finding out about its potential to improve your life as a developer, take a look at this beta implementation. In this case, use the Dependency API with the “Compare Orgs” and “Deploy” functions. Use it to identify APEX class Metadata member differences between Orgs and deploy them to a destination.

nCino and Vlocity

  • Vlocity – Pack Retry in Deploy – Now supports the Pack Retry command to reinitiate a Vlocity deployment via the command line option “Pack Retry.”
  • nCino – Enhancements throughout – CEF format audit logs, Pack Retry command support, Salesforce v51.0 API, and numerous enhancements to stability and quality

For more information, visit our ARM Knowledgebase here: