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Welcome to the AutoRABIT Academy!

Salesforce Development and Management Pros – Get ahead with AutoRABIT

Certifications and training for AutoRABIT customers and partners

AutoRABIT’s new Academy starts with what a Salesforce and AutoRABIT newbie will need to know about our products, DevOps practices, and critical process elements. It then extends to the details required to administer and develop on the AutoRABIT DevSecOps platform for Salesforce with quality, speed, and security.

Once you’ve completed courses in the content track and passed the certification exam, you’ll get materials that will help you take your career to the next level – and get teams quickly up to speed on all that AutoRABIT products have to offer. Materials include trackable, progress-saving content tracks that prepare for success, and a certificate of completion at the end that lets employers, peers, and even recruiters know that you’ve taken steps to contribute at the highest levels of Salesforce development and operations. We encourage sharing these accomplishments with the LinkedIn Share button directly on our Certifications!

There are three Professional certification tracks available today

  • ARM Pro Foundation
  • ARM Pro Admin
  • ARM Pro nCino

ARM Pro Foundation

With our ARM Pro Foundation Certification even non-developers and managers can learn the basics of Salesforce DevOps and Data Protection – enabling them to work more effectively with their Salesforce teams. Developers and administrators will get a good refresher that sets the stage for later certifications.

This course is available for free – Just register and get started at

ARM Pro Admin

Our ARM Pro Admin Certification is the next step. In this course, you’ll walk through the basics of administering AutoRABIT ARM and details about security, Salesforce Sandbox usage with AutoRABIT ARM, provision the ARM environment, and use 3rd party integrations for test, version control, and more.

ARM Pro nCino

Learn what you’ll need to know to get immediately up and running with AutoRABIT 1-Click deployments for nCino, quickly find and deploy nCino standard templates, create community templates for your custom features and quickly deploy to your nCino environment.

Where we’re headed

What’s up next? – Coming very soon is an ARM Pro Developer Track!But there’s so much more on the way – you can expect to see new Pro Certifications releasing every quarter for AutoRABIT products and specific user or developer roles, as well as learning enhancements.

How to get access

Get started right now with the ARM Pro Foundation track. Beyond the ARM Pro Foundation, you’ll need a voucher.

If you are an AutoRABIT customer or partner, just reach out to [email protected] or your AutoRABIT representative for information about getting one.

Find the Academy at