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Automated Release Management

Seamless Salesforce Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery/Deployment

The customer relationship management (CRM) program Salesforce helps businesses of all sizes maintain excellent relationships with customers. Your business must respond to changes in technology and consumer demand quickly to maximize Salesforce’s benefits. The right Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery/Deployment (CI/CD) program will increase your company’s flexibility. 

AutoRABIT is a leader in CI/CD with a unique focus on Salesforce. We offer a complete DevSecOps platform that will enhance your team’s release speed so your business can stay ahead of the market. 

What Is CI/CD?

CI/CD improves software delivery speed, relevance, and performance by optimizing the development lifecycle. 

Under this practice, the software development cycle follows a precise set of steps or phases that repeat. A unique network of tools works within each phase for top-level performance and speed. As a result, the loop is in a constant state of accelerated improvement. These steps include:

  1. Write the new code.
  2. Build the code.
  3. Test the code for bugs.
  4. Release the finished code.
  5. Deploy the finished code within the software.
  6. Allow the code to operate within the user-facing interface. 
  7. Monitor feedback regarding the code’s performance and user experience. 
  8. Plan changes that improve the code’s performance or user experience.  

At AutoRABIT, we provide CI/CD tools tailored for a seamless connection with Salesforce CRM software. Implementing the CI/CD structure within your DevOps pipeline will improve your ability to satisfy and retain customers.  

How Will a CI/CD Pipeline Benefit Your Business 

Your business and others across industries use Salesforce technology. Sales, customer support, and marketing departments count on the Salesforce CRM to interact with clients, customers, partners, or leads. CI/CD practices and tools will boost each client-facing team’s performance by continually optimizing their Salesforce CRM system. You’ll see your company forge stronger connections with consumers and increase profits as a result. 

CI/CD automates formerly manual processes. Automation frees time and energy for developers to create robust, relevant code updates with greater efficiency. It also helps testers detect and patch bugs prior to deploying the code. Additionally, automated monitoring tools quickly collect and sort data regarding system performance and market trends. These automation capabilities come within a scalable system that can adjust to your business’s needs. 

Your CI/CD solution will empower your business to:

  • Foster collaboration between developers. 
  • Enhance the customer experience. 
  • Increases sales team support. 
  • Improve conversion rates.
  • Identify and fill market openings. 

AutoRABIT Automated Release Management for Salesforce

Your business counts on Salesforce, and we’re here to help it fulfill your needs. Our Automated Release Management (ARM) solution features numerous elements tailored to release management within Salesforce CRM programs, including built-in security, risk and compliance support. This includes:

  • Deployment automation
  • Test automation
  • Data Loader Pro
  • Version control 
  • Sandbox management 
  • AutoRABIT Salesforce DX

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Employing CI/CD tools within your Salesforce DevOps infrastructure will boost performance in sales and software development teams. We invite you to schedule a demo for an example of how our technology can benefit your business.