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New Support Documentation for DevOps in Salesforce_AutoRABIT

New Support Documentation for DevOps in Salesforce

AutoRABIT has introduced a dramatic upgrade to our support documentation to help our users get the most from our products and improve their DevOps processes in Salesforce.

Why It Matters: An inability to properly utilize these powerful tools makes it more difficult to accomplish your goals. Easily finding answers to functionality questions makes for a better user experience and helps produce the highest quality products possible.

  • AutoRABIT has listened to the requests of users to update and upgrade support documentation and aims to provide the best possible experience.
  • Our tools help teams accomplish a lot in DevOps for Salesforce, but only if they are utilized to their full potential.
  • LearningHub and GitBook provide a comprehensive support system that gives users everything they need to get the most from their AutoRABIT toolset.

We’re going to dig into the different ways AutoRABIT has made it easier than ever for teams to achieve their goals for DevOps in Salesforce:

  1. What Is LearningHub?
  2. How is AutoRABIT Leveraging GitBook?
  3. How Will This Improve the User Experience?

1. What Is LearningHub?

LearningHub is a dramatic upgrade to the previous support platform, AutoRABIT Academy. This new platform hosts an extensive library of online training content that provides guidance on every aspect of the AutoRABIT platform, including ARM, CodeScan, Vault, and an in-depth exploration of specific integrations such as nCino, and much more.

Users can use these resources to learn more about the functionality of our products and master them for optimizing their approach to DevOps in Salesforce.


Expansive Certification Program

A robust certification program offers users the opportunity to earn accreditation in a variety of technical and integrative domains. This program is designed to significantly enhance their skill sets and industry knowledge, paving the way for professional growth and expertise.

Interactive Forum

Communicating with your community can be a great place to share ideas and learn new approaches to DevOps in Salesforce. LearningHub provides a dynamic and interactive forum where users can freely interact, ask questions, and exchange valuable insights. This platform fosters a nurturing community where the exchange of knowledge collaborative learning are highly encouraged, fostering personal and professional growth.

Clickable Walkthroughs

Guided tours of AutoRABIT products foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of what AutoRABIT offers our users. These clickable walkthroughs allow users to explore the various features and functionalities firsthand, facilitating a more engaged and enriched learning experience.

Familiar User Interface

To ensure a seamless and comfortable navigation process, the LearningHub interface has been designed based on myTrailhead. This setup echoes the familiar aesthetics and user-friendliness of the native Salesforce Trailhead platform, providing an inviting and intuitive learning environment.

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2. How Is AutoRABIT Leveraging GitBook?

Documentation is a critical aspect of a comprehensive user support system. Finding descriptive explanations of critical functionalities gives AutoRABIT users the ability to answer their own questions, further deepening their understanding of the platform.

AutoRABIT is leveraging GitBook as the foundational tool for the innovative restructuring of our documentation strategy.

Product documentation and troubleshooting support are all available at any time. The answers to every question will be at the fingertips of users.

Lens: Your AI Companion

We have leveraged the power of GitBooks’ AI Lens feature tailored for AutoRABIT. This AI-powered assistant that helps users quickly find answers to their questions. Lens scans through our extensive documentation repository to guide users directly to the information they need. This eliminates the hassle of digging through dense documentation to expedite the time to value, Users simply submit a pull request for direct improvements or suggestions to our documentation, and Lens takes care of the rest.

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3. How Will This Improve the User Experience?

Clarity will always create a more streamlined working experience. And that is just what these improvements provide: clarity. AutoRABIT users now have the answer to every question at their fingertips which will reduce confusion, drastically reduce mistakes, and improve the flow of value from AutoRABIT’s users to the users of their own.

The launch of LearningHub and the transformative improvements introduced by GitBook signal the beginning of the next phase of AutoRABIT support. These strategic initiatives mirror our steadfast commitment to offering unparalleled quality and value to our customers. We are optimistic that these novel additions will amplify the overall brand experience and foster deeper, trust-filled relationships with our clients. 

We’re very excited about the launch of KnowledgeHub and the GitBook repository, but this initiative is not complete. We will continue to refine our support documentation to ensure that it is always reflective of the newest updates to provide the greatest benefits possible to our users.

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Next Step…

Now that you have the opportunity to get every question about your AutoRABIT toolset answered, it’s time to consider how to best use these tools to optimize your approach to DevOps in Salesforce.

Check out our blog “10 Tips to Improve Your Salesforce Release Management Strategy” to learn more.

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What Is GitBook?

GitBook is a platform that allows individuals and teams to create and publish documentation, books, and other written content. It improves collaboration through the utilization of version control. It is designed to make it easier for content creators to write, edit, and organize their content while providing tools for tracking changes and collaborating with others. GitBook is popular among software developers, technical writers, and teams looking to create and maintain documentation for their projects.

Why is support documentation important?

Confusion creates errors, clunky processes, and lost time. And in business, all of this equates to lost money. Adequate support documentation gives teams the information they need to quickly answer any outstanding questions. This makes a better working experience for team members while improving productivity. The initial investment in creating these support materials is quickly outweighed by the benefits seen by workers, users, and the organization.

Why is AutoRABIT making improvements to their platform?

AutoRABIT is focused on creating the most comprehensive, user-friendly, and beneficial experience for everyone working in DevOps in Salesforce. We make it a point to seek out the opinion and experience of our users to continually make adjustments and improvements. This includes radically updating our support infrastructure to include step-by-step guides, videos, and walkthroughs. This also includes making updates to our products themselves. ARM, Vault, and CodeScan have all received recent updates to improve functionality.

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