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How a Salesforce CI/CD Suite Positions You as a Leader

A streamlined Salesforce DevOps pipeline is a great way to introduce new applications and updates to help team members and customers alike. Solidifying your internal processes with continued updates enables team members to provide professional service while new public-facing applications support customers with tangible benefits.

How a Salesforce CI/CD Suite Positions You as a Leader_AutoRABITA Salesforce CI/CD suite is an important aspect of a fully optimized DevOps pipeline which supports your company as an emerging leader in your industry.

DevOps tools can be used to make the efforts of your dev team have even greater reach. Removal of manual processes saves team member time, which allows them to focus on more important matters: creating applications and updates that provide value to your customers.

But how does a Salesforce CI/CD suite accomplish this? Which aspects offer these important benefits?

1. Faster Time to Market

The market rewards companies that are first able to provide a new service or software. This is how you become known as an innovator, which leads people to look to you in the future for solutions. A Salesforce CI/CD suite expedites processes that were formerly very time consuming.

CI/CD speeds the process of moving an application or update through the testing stage and into deployment, leading to a higher release velocity.

Automation is key to streamlining DevOps processes. Manually addressing the integration of code from multiple developers is very slow.

2. Better End User Experience

How a Salesforce CI/CD Suite Positions You as a Leader_AutoRABIT

A Salesforce CI/CD suite puts your application or update through a series of tests as the code is compiled into a single repository. These additional tests work to validate functionality and root out any potential errors that could have a negative impact on the final product.

The end user of your DevOps product will be guaranteed a smoother experience with your software if it has been verified for functionality early in the process.

Users aren’t likely to return to a vendor if they have a bad experience. Utilizing these important DevOps tools provides an experience that will have them looking out for your next release.

3. Increased Release Potential

The ability to provide a quality software release that offers real benefits to users is a great way to make a name for yourself. However, releasing multiple applications or updates per year that are held to these same high standards will give people a reason to continue looking to you in the future.

Automated DevOps tools like CI/CD expedite the development process without sacrificing quality, enabling you to increase your amount of release per year.

High release velocity allows you to address emerging needs in real time.

4. Heightened Data Security

Data security is an ongoing concern for everybody. An inability to keep customers’ data safe—such as the Home Depot data breach—is an easy way to lose their confidence. Every aspect of your system needs to be secure. Any errors in a software release can potentially open a backdoor to cybercriminals.

The increased testing in a Salesforce CI/CD suite drastically increases the likelihood of avoiding errors that can grow into data security concerns.

Secure systems support consumer trust, which is an incredibly important asset in the marketplace.

5. Quickly Addressing Concerns Leads to Consumer Confidence

How a Salesforce CI/CD Suite Positions You as a Leader_AutoRABITNew issues are constantly emerging, such as the Heroku breach earlier this year. You need to be sure you can introduce speedy updates that adequately address these concerns to avoid losing the trust we mentioned earlier.

Automating the integration and deployment phases of a DevOps lifecycle greatly increases your capacity for a quick turnaround on software updates.

Data security requires constant attention, and you need to have tools at your disposal that enable you to make the necessary adjustments.

6. More Enjoyable Environment for Team Members

Being a leader in your industry isn’t solely concerned with how you are viewed in the market. The other consideration that needs to be kept in mind is how your team members view the company as a whole. The ability to provide a pleasant work environment goes a long way to attracting top talent to your team.

Utilizing automated tools removes the burden of highly repetitive and rote tasks from your team members’ to-do lists.

This allows your team to focus on what they do best without being bothered with tedious work, creating a better working environment for everyone.

7. Supports Greater DevSecOps Efforts

DevSecOps is a collection of considerations operating simultaneously toward a similar goal: optimizing and streamlining your development efforts. A Salesforce CI/CD suite works best when it is incorporated into a larger system of specialized tools.

Sourcing other automated release management tools to work alongside CI/CD magnifies the benefits listed above.

Viewing DevSecOps as a larger strategy will continue to improve upon the progress you’ve already made with positive viewpoints in your industry.

8. Repeated Processes Enable Continued Growth

Every dev pipeline is going to be different. However, every instance will benefit from continued attention and expansion of DevSecOps tooling. A Salesforce CI/CD suite is an essential aspect of this, but there are many more options that can be incorporated as your company grows.

Static code analysis and other tools help address your needs as you grow and solidify your place in the market.

Being a leader in your industry affords you a level of prestige that puts your products ahead of your competition. A major part of accomplishing this is to consistently produce high quality applications and updates. DevSecOps tools like a Salesforce CI/CD suite is an essential aspect of your strategy.


Release velocity is the speed at which a DevOps team can develop and produce an update or application. A high release velocity means the dev process moves quickly from planning through production.

CI/CD is an essential aspect of combining the work of multiple developers into a single release. This is where quality tests are performed to reduce the likelihood of errors such as code overwrites.

They should both be prioritized! Automated DevOps tools like static code analysis and CI/CD streamline operations while performing multiple quality checks so quality and security don’t have to come at the expense of each other.