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AutoRABIT’s Summer Release Drives Higher DevOps Productivity & Release Velocity for its Enterprise Customers

Automated Release Management v19.2, with Salesforce DX compatibility, continues to maximize software quality and release management value for Salesforce DevOps teams

San Ramon, CA – AutoRABIT, a leading provider of enterprise-class DevOps solutions for Salesforce today announced the general availability of its Summer 19.2 release, the most advanced version of its Automated Release Management (ARM) and Vault solutions. Release 19.2 provides Salesforce developers, release managers, and QA teams greater control of their continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline.

AutoRABIT focused on new features that would empower Salesforce DevOps teams to improve release quality, reduce deployment cycle times and comply with business continuity regulations. Automated Release Management 19.2 also embraces and extends the value of Salesforce DX for customers that have adopted these agile development tools from Salesforce.

Maximizing Release Quality, Velocity and Value for Salesforce DevOps Teams

The Automated Release Management 19.2 suite gives organizations the tools to successfully implement agile development and DevOps best practices for Salesforce. Designed around the industry’s only metadata CI server for Salesforce, AutoRABIT delivers an integrated suite of tools including version control, deployment automation, sandbox management, data migration, and test automation that streamline processes and automate activities at each stage of the DevOps lifecycle, simplifying deployment from development to production.

“AutoRABIT is excited about Release 19.2 for Salesforce DevOps teams looking for ways to bring increased velocity and improvements across its CI/CD pipeline. Based on our work with customers, many of which are Global 2000 companies, AutoRABIT understands the areas where we can help Salesforce developers, release managers, and test engineers continue to improve and increase the quality and efficiency with every release,” said Dean Alms, VP Product and Strategy, AutoRABIT. “With new enterprise-class capabilities and breakthrough features in delta-based deployment, sandbox management, and version control, the Summer 19.2 release will support our mission of continuously improving developer productivity, release cycle times and software quality to achieve impactful business outcomes.”

In addition to Automated Release Management, the Summer 19.2 release includes feature updates to AutoRABIT Vault. AutoRABIT Vault is a flexible backup and restore solution designed specifically for Salesforce data and metadata dependencies. In addition to supporting rapid recovery for business continuity, AutoRABIT Vault meets mandatory compliance obligations for a range of government and industry data protection regulations. AutoRABIT Vault, through secure management of backup data, is also being leveraged by customers to provide authentic data in test environments while meeting mandatory privacy standards through the use of data-masking technology.

About AutoRABIT

AutoRABIT offers a suite of products used by DevOps organizations to automate their CI/CD process for cloud-based development platforms. The Automated Release Management (ARM) Suite for Salesforce integrates a variety of tools and processes used by DevOps teams to configure, build, test and manage development, environments, and deployments on their Salesforce instance. AutoRABIT’s Metadata Mastery™ is a proprietary technology developed to manage the dependencies, profiles, and relationships associated with Salesforce metadata.