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AutoRABIT for Salesforce Release Management – 30 Good Reasons

Salesforce Release Management can be a challenge with its cloud based multi-tenant environments , complex and manual deployment processes and lack of strong version control support.
Not much the case though if you are using AutoRABIT . AutoRABIT has been specifically designed with the needs of Salesforce Application , Administrator and Release Management Teams in perspective and has a feature set that can make it a breeze to release applications on Salesforce platform.

AutoRABIT can be a powerful tool enabling higher level maturity into Salesforce release management with end-to-end support for moving a change from developer Sandbox all the way to production with its continuous delivery capabilities.

Here are 30 good reasons why AutoRABIT is the best for Salesforce Release Management .

Metadata Deployment
AutoRABIT supports comprehensive metadata deployment across Salesforce Orgs / Sandoxes with support for the following features :

• Automated deployments from a Salesforce Org / Sandbox / Version Control System to another Sandbox
• Support for destructive changes and “smart” profile deployments.
• Lean and faster deployments based on changes supporting all the 120+ supported metadata types.
• Selective “cherry-picked” metadata deployments
• Tagging of metadata and 1-click promotion of tags into multiple release environments.

Version Control

AutoRABIT is the only framework that supports extensive version control support for Salesforce applications.

• Support for GIT , Subversion , TFS , Perforce etc., [ 10+ version control systems ]
• Fetch changes from Version Control System and deploy them into Sandbox in automated manner
• Auto-commit changes into Version Control System directly from Sandbox with same user context
• Support for setting up repositories, branches, change log , merge all out-of-the-box .
• Scheduled back-up of Sandbox metadata into version control system.

Sandbox Management
With AutoRABIT, you can set up and organize your CI / CD landscape for Sandboxes with these following useful features :

• Set up your Sandboxes as per your release management plan with labels.
• OAuth Support for Sandbox Authentication
• Synchronize Sandboxes / Orgs in case of any metadata inconsistencies with Org Sync feature.
• Compare Salesforce Sandboxes / Orgs to line-level differences for various metadata members
• Detailed history of the changes made in the Sandbox with search component.
• Streamline Deployments with Salesforce metadata dependency analyzer in your sandbox.

Advanced Data Loader

AutoRABIT has an integrated Salesforce Data Loader, along with a Pro version which offers great value to administrators with its powerful feature set :

• Support for all the standard Data Loading operations.
• Web-based Data Loader with Scheduling capabilities
• Advanced Data Loader supports data loading of multi-objects with parent-child relationships including self-references
• Auto-map capabilities, filters along with external ID support.
• Data loading of attachments is a breeze.

Test Automation

• Support for Apex Test Execution and detailed test coverage and class coverage reports.
• Disruptive test automation support for Salesforce with automated curing engine for Selenium recorder , JMeter etc.,
• Data Extraction framework to separate data from test script and enhance with multiple data sets
• Auto-generate test scenarios to run against multiple release environments and multiple browsers
• Categorize tests as platinum, gold etc., based on their criticality and set notification schemes for the test results.

ALM Capabilities

• Track your application progress with all-inclusive team dashboard that has test coverage , code coverage, requirement coverage , test results, defect reports , trends at one place.
• Detailed Weekly/ Monthly Deployment , Version control , Data loading and test results reports available as a managed package in Salesforce.
• Log tickets into your issue management system directly from a test failure in the dashboard
• Support for 60+ wide-range of ALM tools including Jira, Bugzilla , Redmine , HP-UFT , Quality Center etc., out-of-the-box
• REST based Plug-in architecture that can integrate with your existing tools effortlessly.

Please reach out to for your free trial access to AutoRABIT . Please reach out to for more detailed technical information on any of the features above.

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