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Salesforce DevSecOps: Avoiding Common Mistakes

Your Salesforce DevSecOps pipeline involves a variety of considerations from creation to deployment, to maintenance. Multiple teams and projects work in tandem to create the best applications, services, and updates possible.

But what do you do when there’s a mistake in the process?

Mistakes in the pipeline lead to delayed deployment, application malfunctions, decreased productivity, and decreased ROI. By knowing the common mistakes in the DevSecOps pipeline, we can learn how to avoid them, along with the complications and costs that accompany them.

View our webinar, “Salesforce DevSecOps: Avoiding Common Mistakes” to learn how to avoid these common, but costly mistakes.


  • Tim Perdue,  Success Architect Director, Salesforce
  • Stephen Lockard,  Premium Support Engineer, CodeScan by AutoRABIT
  • Naresh Ananthapalli,  Technical Lead, AutoRABIT