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+1 925 500 1004

+1 925 500 1004

Autorabit for financial services

Protect Your Data.
Accelerate Your Business.

AutoRABIT is the only DevOps platform for Salesforce built around the security and
compliance needs of the financial services industry. Your customers trust you with their data.
Trust us to keep it safe.


Network Security on Your Terms

Don’t compromise your security protocols to meet the limitations of other DevOps platforms. AutoRABIT’s CI/CD and VAULT data backup and recovery solutions for Salesforce can be deployed:

  • In AWS (Amazon EC2 Cloud)
  • In a private cloud environment
  • Files, attachments, chatter feeds, knowledge articles and custom data sets included.

Security that Conforms to Your Business

Tighten user controls and auditing capabilities to ensure you know who has
access to your organization’s data and metadata. AutoRABIT offers:

  • Fully customizable role-based access controls
  • SQL authentication at the database level
  • Detailed audit trail functionality to show who’s writing and deploying code within your Salesforce environment
  • Rapid roll-back capabilities to make code reversion quicker and more seamless
  • SSL/TLS protocols for data in transit

Keeping Your Data (and Metadata) Safe

AutoRABIT’s internal security protocols ensure that your Salesforce ecosystem remains protected. Our data protections include

  • FSOC 2 Type II compliance
  • ISO27001 Certification
  • Third-party application penetration testing 
  • Rapid roll-back capabilities to make code reversion quicker and more seamless
  • Complete data encryption protocols across all platforms