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Data Loss: Don’t Burn Your Bacon

There’s a common misconception that if you are using cloud-based technologies that you don’t need to worry about data backup. That’s about as true as saying everyone loves bacon! And while there are many varieties of what people call bacon, purists like myself, will tell you that if it’s not made from pork, it can’t be called bacon. (Hint: some people don’t eat meat for dietary, religious or other personal reasons.)

My Bacon May not be Your Bacon

I may be a purist, as I just mentioned, but I’m also a realist. There are plenty of examples where a certain word, or even a certain brand name has become synonymous with the item it is describing. Take Coke, for example. To some people, that’s a very specific drink manufactured by the Coca-Cola Company, while to others, it’s a more generic term used to describe soft drinks as a whole. Similarly, not all bacon is made from pork. There’s turkey bacon, guanciale, pancetta, vegan bacon and more!

So now that I’ve whetted your appetite for that salty, smoky, and sometimes sweet treat called bacon, you’re probably wondering what this has to do with data loss. Stay with me – I’m almost there.

My Data Isn’t Your Data

What exactly is data anyway? Think about your CRM – there’s accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities, and more. Those are all examples of data. For the purists, those are the lowest levels of detailed information you store in CRM so you can track sales among other things. As AutoRABIT customer Fonteva shared with us recently, the structure of those objects is also a form of data – metadata. That’s data about data. And being metadata aware is what makes AutoRABIT DevOps the great business enabler.

It’s All in the Recipe & the Execution

One thing I’ve learned recently is that there’s no substitute for great execution on a tried and true recipe. Whether that’s cooking bacon, or protecting the data in your Salesforce instance, you have to start with a solid plan that addresses all the possible dangers. No one wants burned bacon. Maybe that’s why Salesforce recommends that customers use third-party backup and recovery services. Because no one wants to lose data. At AutoRABIT we strongly urge you to consider the options carefully and select one that not only backs up your data, but also your metadata, file attachments, chatter feeds, knowledge articles, Parent-Child relationships and more. Everything you use today to provide a robust and complete Salesforce experience should be backed up. After all, the end result from a great recipe would still be mediocre if you didn’t use the best ingredients.

And just like when following recipes, one little thing can throw off the end result. Today, most data loss isn’t as a result of the cloud technology being used. It’s a result of human error. One little thing, like deleting a record or field inadvertently can cause a multitude of downstream problems with automated processes and workflows. Think about what that looks like from your customers’ point of view. You wouldn’t want them to receive an inaccurate price quote or a signed purchase agreement that isn’t correct. That might cause you to have to spend extra time and effort, making things right for the customer.

AutoRABIT Vault, purpose-built for Salesforce, delivers automated unlimited backup and recovery of Salesforce data. Includes sophisticated compare tools, easy sandbox seeding, and comprehensive data management features to meet IT security, risk and compliance needs.

Learn more about Data Backup and Recovery today, and request a demo to see it in action.