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10 Benefits of Salesforce Data Loader

The quality of data contained within your Salesforce environment will dictate how successful your efforts will be—whether utilizing the CRM or development aspect of the platform. Unreliable or incomplete data won’t provide a useful foundation to build upon.

A Salesforce data loader provides a series of services to support complete data sets through importing, exporting, and organizing available system data.

10 Benefits of Salesforce Data Loader_AutoRABITReliable data can be used to inform future decisions. Sales and marketing can use this information to better understand how to best approach new outreach strategies. DevOps teams need reliable data to build useful and directly applicable new updates and applications.

Quality data is your best resource for moving your company in a beneficial direction, and a Salesforce data loader helps maintain stability and reliability.

A data governance plan is only effective if the data that is to be addressed is complete. This can be difficult to ensure when working between various Salesforce orgs and environments. A powerful tool is needed to guarantee the positive aspects of a reliable pool of data can be accessed.

1. Reliable Data

We’ve mentioned how important it is to draw your insights from reliable information. The only way you can be sure this information is as complete as it can be is if you are able to combine all the insights across various Salesforce orgs.

A Salesforce data loader will check for data integrity between the source and the destination when migrating sets of information.

Manual transfers are liable to miss or duplicate aspects of the targeted data sets. A Salesforce data loader ensures the integrity of the transferred data.

2. Transferring Data Sets Saves Time

Your Salesforce environment likely contains large sets of data. And as time goes on, this collection of information will continue to grow. Transferring system data and metadata can save a lot of time to ensure predictable functionality between orgs.

Manually transferring these large sets of data will be incredibly time consuming.

Automating the process frees up your team members to focus on more pressing and productive tasks.

3. Work with Large Data Sets

Your team’s capabilities and the scope of the work they can produce is limited by their available toolset. There’s only so much a team member can accomplish on their own.

Assisting your team by providing them the affordances of a Salesforce data loader opens the realm of possibilities through saved time and increased available functionality.

The ability to work with larger sets of data across Salesforce orgs offers more context for decision-making and a more unified interface through repeated metadata functions.

4. Streamlined Data Migration

10 Benefits of Salesforce Data Loader_AutoRABIT

There are many ways to migrate and load Salesforce data across various orgs and environments. These methods will not impact every Salesforce instance in the same way—some will be better than others for your particular needs.

A quality Salesforce data loader will offer several options of executing data loading processes.

This includes options such as Run, Edit, Stop, Schedule, Delete, and Log. These options allow you to operate your data migrations in a way that best fits your individual needs and specifications.

5. Verify Data Integrity

A data migration is only successful when you are sure that the data in the destination is the same as the data in the source. A lack of confidence in the accuracy of the data or metadata in your org or environment negates the positive aspects of a Salesforce data loader.

The ability to verify the integrity of the data between the source and the destination lets you know that your migration was successful.

6. Ability to Schedule Repeated Migrations

An active Salesforce org is going to continue creating and using new data and metadata. Repeated migrations might be necessary to ensure two separate orgs have access to the same data sets.

Data Loader Pro allows users to schedule migrations and processes when they are needed.

This is the best way to ensure you are working with similar data sets even as the orgs continue to grow.

7. Maintain Data Relationships

Data relationships describe and dictate how certain pieces of information relate to other pieces of data within the org. It is sometimes necessary to duplicate these relationships in order to ensure proper functionality of a Salesforce instance.

Transferring data from one org to another isn’t always enough, relationships must also be maintained to preserve accuracy.

These relationships can be maintained across orgs and environments through automatic recognition based on senior-most ancestry.

8. Enables Rapid Development and Testing

10 Benefits of Salesforce Data Loader_AutoRABITAccess to reliable information and metadata cross various environments allows Salesforce developers to increase the speed of their DevOps processes. Working within a sandbox is a great way to configure new features which can be tested outside of the main data repository.

Moving data from a sandbox to the main repository can be done with a few simple clicks.

This allows you to test your new lines of code without worrying about impacting existing functionality and data within the DevOps project.

9. Heighten Security with Data Masking

There is a long list of data security measures that can and should be implemented across your Salesforce environment. Many of these measures are directed at minimizing the risk of accidental data loss and keeping bad actors from accessing your system.

Data masking is an important data security measure that protects your information from being exposed to those that shouldn’t have access to it.

Selected sets of data can be randomized with fields containing text, numeric, or mixed data sets to secure sensitive company and customer information. This is what’s known as Data Masking.

10. Adherence to Regulatory Requirements

Although every company will have sensitive information within their Salesforce environment, some industries will be subject to government regulations dictating how their sensitive information must be handled.

Data Loader Pro allows you to securely move and utilize sensitive data while adhering to regulatory requirements such as the GDPR, PCI, DSS.

Migrating data between Salesforce orgs and environments can be extremely useful, but only when it’s performed correctly. A Salesforce data loader ensures these processes are performed in a way that provides all essential benefits.