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AutoRABIT's Response to the Okta Support System Breach

AutoRABIT’s Response to the Okta Support System Breach

On the 21st of October 2023, a breach in Okta’s support system exposed customer data to unidentified threat actors.

Details can be found here. 

Has AutoRABIT Been Impacted?

While AutoRABIT does use OKTA, a thorough review of AutoRABIT’s environment found no evidence that AutoRABIT is impacted by this security issue.

Actions Taken as Part of Our Defense Strategy

  • Okta is deployed in a controlled environment solely for testing within non-production systems. 
  • AutoRABIT has not initiated or uploaded any HAR file to the Okta portal, which is the mechanism for OKTA to be breached.
  • AutoRABIT has implemented continuous monitoring and conducts audits of the entire infrastructure.
    • There has been no indication of suspicious login activity associated with Okta within AutoRABIT.
  • Default deny access is in place for specific regions and users.
  • Token expiration timelines are in place.
  • Managed devices are subject to an Access Policy.