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Modern Application Development (MAD) with Salesforce DX and the power of AutoRABIT

It’s the digital age, and every business is a digital business today! Are you able to seize the digital business opportunities efficiently?

Enterprises have no choice but to modernize architecture, infrastructure and processes to deliver high-quality, innovative solutions/applications that delight their customers and outpace competitors.

Adoption of Modern Application Development platforms is a vital move every enterprise can’t get away from to offer a great customer experience, at speed.

This Live Webinar by Niranjan Gattupalli, Head – Customer Success Services at AutoRABIT, throws light on:

· Why Modern Application Development (MAD)?

· How can Continuous Delivery for Salesforce be achieved?

· Salesforce DX – An Overview

· How AutoRABIT complements and extends Salesforce DX?

· How AutoRABIT integrates Feature Branches, ALM and DX?

· How AutoRABIT Drives Application Development Best Practices in the three stages of development – Provisioning, Development, and Release?

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