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Continuous Delivery As a Practice

AutoRABIT is an end to end release management and continuous delivery suite specifically designed for Salesforce applications. AutoRABIT helps Salesforce developers, Admins and Analysts with out-of-box features and automation processes. This helps the organizations in achieving Salesforce Continuous Delivery.

It enables, Automated Metadata Deployment and Version Control support. This includes Advanced Dataloading and Sandbox Management, End to End Release-Management, Defect tracking, and Test Automation for public and private clouds, but is not limited to all these.

With our unique approaches for deployment and automation, AutoRABIT can help release managers migrate both metadata and data seamlessly across environments with the click of a button.

Therefore, with AutoRABIT, you will achieve higher release velocity (days instead of weeks/months) and rapidly improved Time to Market schedules.


AutoRABIT Features


Version Control Integration

Salesforce Continuous Integration is never fully accomplished without having a effective version control system and branching strategy in-place. AutoRABIT has strong integration support for GIT , Subversion , TFS and Perforce . Be it the GitHub or Bit Bucket or Collabnet or your entrerprise hosted repository – AutoRABIT can fetch the changes from your repository based on a date or a particular revision or a tagged check-in and deploys them into Salesforce enviroments.
AutoRABIT can enable you adopt to version control tool faster without any addtional tooling like Eclipse IDE or Plug-ins or GIT clients with its “easy-commits” feature as well as branching support built into AutoRABIT.

Salesforce Deployment Automation

Migration of configuration and code from development to production is a transitional journey; it should happen as a part of the release strategy at various points of release pipeline and not as a manual deployment step. AutoRABIT seamlessly supports scheduled, automated/cherry-picked metadata deployments into your release environments, all triggered right from a version control system such as GIT/SVN/TFS/Perforce, etc., or from the ticket status of your user story from Jira/RTC/Rally, or based on changes by a user, or from a particular date from your source sandbox. Plan your release strategy with AutoRABIT, which takes care of your metadata migration and completely frees you from the hassles of “Deployments”


Salesforce Environment Management

With AutoRABIT, releases can be synced across geographically distributed Salesforce Orgs. AutoRABIT’s Salesforce Org Sync feature shows you the differences between two Salesforce environments and helps you align your Orgs better. It also publishes weekly difference reports for your selected Orgs so that you are always on top of the game with your environment management. With its support for OAuth 2.0, scheduled back-up for your Sandboxes, role-based deployment support and production roll-back features, AutoRABIT helps you control your Salesforce environments better and enables your Orgs on a journey of Salesforce continuous integration in your enterprise.

Release Management

Release Management

Salesforce Dataloader Pro

Data Migration has always been a challenge across salesforce environments with updating the record-Ids, taking care of relationships, external Ids etc., . Not to mention the pain around manual data loading operations for attachments, knowledge articles [ KAV’s ] , users etc.,

AutoRABIT advanced dataloader can take all this pain and manual steps away with its scheduled Data loading operations that can pull data from multiple objects along with their parent-child relationships all at once . Additional filters , limit records capabilities can help you do the data loading into multiple environments a breeze.

What more !!! you can now integrate a data loader  step to load test data into your Salesforce enviroments before the automated tests run as part of the continuous integration jobs  .


Test Automation Factory

AutoRABIT Test Automation factory is the only tool that can support seamless record-and-playback of your functional scenarios with Selenium . With the ability to generate an automated test case with 1-click record option, business analysis and test teams can acclerate setting up strong regression test bed for their Salesforce applications.
AutoRABIT supports data-driven test case generation for your automated tests with data sets pumped in from your Staging  or Production environments .
You can also selectively choose and run your failed apex tests or selenium tests on various Salesforce environments to be fully sure that they are all going to run smooth and successfully in your production deployments.


The AutoRABIT resource library provides deep dive into AutoRABIT offerings


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