Version Control

Salesforce Continuous Integration is never fully accomplished without having an effective version control system, and branching strategy in-place.

Salesforce Deployment Automation

Migration of configuration and code from development to production is a transitional journey; it should happen as a part of the release strategy…

Salesforce Environment Management

With AutoRABIT, releases can be synced across geographically distributed Salesforce Orgs. AutoRABIT’s Salesforce Org Sync…

Salesforce Dataloader Pro

Data Migration has always been a challenge across salesforce environments with updating the record-Ids, taking care of relationships, external Ids etc…

Test Automation Factory

AutoRABIT Test Automation factory is the only tool that can support seamless record-and-playback of your functional scenarios with Selenium…

Continuous Delivery Suite

AutoRABIT – A Release Management Suite for Salesforce Applications

AutoRABIT is a Salesforce Continuous Delivery Suite with Deployment Automation, Version Control , Data Loader & Test Automation enabling CI for Salesforce.

All Features

Merge Editor

AutoRABIT provides Merge Editor for SVN and GIT

Salesforce Spring ‘ 17 support

Upgraded APIs to support Salesforce Spring’ 17 release, supporting the 9 newly added metadata types and 13
modified metadata types including the “value sets”.

Ergonomic User Interface – Phase1

Tabbed UI framework allows the user to perform parallel operations.

Post Migration Automation

AutoRABIT provides its users post-migration automation facility
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Calculate Your RoI from AutoRABIT

AutoRABIT’s RoI Model helps you calculate your RoI and resources saved by way of number of man-hours and corresponding cost.

The model calculates the number of resource hours saved due to AutoRABIT’s individual product features. It also gives you an approximate idea about the improved efficiency across all resources due to AutoRABIT’s Continuous Integration feature.

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Automate Metadata Deployment

AutoRABIT automates the process of packaging and deployment of Salesforce applications from a source SF Org or a Version Control System such as SVN/GIT into a destination sandbox/Org, which saves a lot of manual effort.

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Salesforce Environment Management

AutoRABIT synchronizes releases across geographically spread sandboxes and commits changes on the fly. The sandbox comparison and sandbox management restore the configuration of the testing environment after every refresh.

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Automate Test Automation

AutoRABIT supports execution of automated tests on various test automation tools such as QTP, Selenium, JMeter , SoapUI Load runner “out of the box”.

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