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Why we Love AutoRABIT’s Version Control Management System and (You should too!)

If you have ever worked in a collaborative development environment, you might be painfully aware of the possibility of code overwrite and the permanent loss of any history of work done and changes made. Being able to keep a version/revision history of changes helps to keep track of who made changes, when the changes were made, and why they were made is always a welcome intervention.

Versioning makes it easy to compare today’s version of code to yesterday’s or last year’s version of code so that teams can compare performance of particular versions and revert to older versions if necessary. Version control is such an essential piece of any CI practice. At AutoRABIT (AR), we understand that and this is why we make integrating version control into your CI practice easy.

A few reasons why we love AutoRABIT’s version control management systems:

Bring your own version control tool: As compared to our competitors, AR gives you the flexibility to integrate with any Version Control (VC) tool of your choice. Our competitors often confine you to a specific type of VC and this means that you’ll have to abandon your existing system to use theirs. We don’t believe that you need to do that and we never make you give up your existing VC tool…bring your own tool.

Skip the learning curve and go straight to versioning: So, you are new to VC and you are probably thinking that you need to learn how to use the tool along with syntaxes and commands, right? Well, if you choose to install the specific VC tool and utilize it all by itself in your development environment, then yes, you will have to learn syntaxes and commands. Now, imagine that your team has about 10 developers, each one has to learn these commands. This is not only takes up time and financial resources but you are not really developing software. However, let’s say you integrate your VC in AR, all you need to do is click buttons to make your commits. You don’t need to learn syntaxes or commands. This means that you spend time on what matters most to you…developing software. Sounds like a pretty good idea.

Bring your branches: Branches from your VC tools can be easily be registered in AR. So, you can migrate and register existing branches, not created in AR, into AR. What makes AR great is that you do not have to put development on hold to migrate from an existing VC into a new one. AR integrates with all the major VC tools on the market so more than likely we can integrate with your existing VC.

Get the support your need: We support all the major version control tools with multiple authentication methods. You won’t find this anywhere as many of our competitors do not support even the most popular tools such as SVN, GIT and TFS.

Retrieve and commit: This functionality allows you to retrieve changes from registered SF orgs and commit them to AR’s VC management system. Irrespective of which user made changes to a particular branch, retrieve and commit will pull all the changes in the particular version control branch into the destination org.

Overcome SF governance limit: If you have ever tried to move large metadata across SF orgs, you have heard of SF’s governance limit. AR overcomes this limitation by retrieving data/files in chunks and then consolidating all the metadata in your destination org. Once this transfer is completed, then AR pushes it into VC management system and you can continue to manage your changes.

Want to know more about the importance and uses of Version Control Systems (VCS)?

Read my blog post Version Control 101 .

Impressed? Well, this is not everything that the AR VC management system is able to do for your CI practice. Need to find out more? Why not request a demo with one of our sales representatives?

Click this link to experience the power of AR.

You are welcome!!

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