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Webinar on “Design Patterns for Salesforce App Decomposition Using Second Generation Packaging (2GP)”

Webinar on “Design Patterns for Salesforce App
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Have you started adopting Salesforce DX yet?

Salesforce DX brings a modern way to build, manage and deliver Salesforce Apps efficiently in a high-end agile development environment. One of the cool things that Salesforce DX provides is Packaging, more commonly known as 2nd Generation Packaging or 2GP.

This webinar recording helps you understand how you can use Salesforce design patterns to streamline and contain your metadata into logical packages using 2GP.

Speakers: Prashanth Samudrala – Practice Architect, Customer Success, and Abhilash Murali – Sr. Customer Success Engineer.

For Whom: All those who are a part of the Salesforce ecosystem, especially Salesforce Developers & Admins.

This webinar covers:

  • Leverage Salesforce DX to move away from Snowflake development model
  • Better manage your Force.com platform and develop multiple applications
  • Realize App decomposition for faster application development & drive better business results
  • Manage & Distribute versions across multiple sandboxes
  • Package logically to ensure better control and stability by using Package 2.0
  • Utilize AutoRABIT for streamlining different metadata types of an Org