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Salesforce DevOps – Build vs. Buy Panel Discussion

Building your own DevOps toolchain for Salesforce software delivery can seem tempting. This is especially true because many of the tools for building a standard CI/CD pipeline are free and open source. How effective are these tools when applied to the Salesforce environment?

In this panel discussion, we discuss critical elements to consider when choosing between building or buying a DevOps solution for your Salesforce development, including:

  • 4 key factors to consider in your build vs. buy decision
  • 7 challenges you will face if building your solution
  • Practical evaluation criteria used by companies that have already made their decision

Panel Members:

  • Vamsi Gosu — Salesforce Architect, Founder & Director at TechForce Services
  • Arun Manjila Purushothaman — DevOps Engineer and Salesforce Developer at Land O’Lakes
  • Hitesh MadanSalesforce DevOps Expert and Sales Director at AutoRABIT