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Experience Salesforce DX at its Best with AutoRABIT
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Enterprises need to modernize their software/application development processes to deliver high-quality products/services with greater agility, create business value and stay ahead of their competition. Salesforce DX offers modern developer experience and enables enterprises to achieve Continuous Delivery. AutoRABIT, an end-to-end Continuous Delivery Suite for SaaS Platforms, complements and extends Salesforce DX. Its core features are combined with Salesforce DX, empowering developers and release managers to easily manage ‘Change’ as an entity around Salesforce, SCM, ALM and Test Automation.

Thank you everyone who joined our webinar & hands-on session – “Experience Salesforce DX at its best with AutoRABIT” hosted by  Niranjan Gattupalli, Head of Customer Success Services and Prashanth Samudrala, Customer Success Architect on at AutoRABIT on 29th & 30th Nov 2017.

For those who were unable to attend or missed this webinar, please fill out the form here to watch the webinar recording. It will help you learn how to:

  • Modernize your software/application development practice by adopting Agile and DevOps
  • Manage Scratch Orgs efficiently and adopt a source control driven development
  • Leverage the power of AutoRABIT beyond deployments and Apex testing
  • Take your software development to the next-level with Salesforce DX, which eliminates the need for Change Sets, to deliver Config + Code + Quality to Production