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Deploy Business Changes Faster with Automated CI/CD for Salesforce

Deploy Business Changes Faster with Automated CI/CD for Salesforce

Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment is an automated DevOps process that is mostly being employed by multi-person developer teams to speed up the pace of delivering business innovations codified in software.

Watch this webinar to learn how the AutoRABIT CI/CD platform, purpose-built for the Salesforce environment, speeds up delivery of software projects by orders of magnitude while enabling total delivery orchestration and collaboration across development and operations teams. Faster delivery of key functionality requested by the Business allows you to respond faster to evolving market needs guaranteeing more revenue and enhanced competitiveness.


  • Learn about progresses in DevOps automation and how CI/CD can be applied to the Salesforce environment
  • Understand the differences between open source and general-purpose IT tools for DevOps vs. the benefits purpose-built tools for Salesforce
  • Join the experts at an under-the-cover look at specific functionality as it relates to version control, change sets, coordinating sandboxes, automated testing and deployment automation
  • Discover why an extensible platform delivers powerful integration capabilities with off-the-shelf tools that developers are already familiar with
  • Finally uncover the secrets to being Metadata Aware and why that is so crucial to success in accelerating the deployment cycles for Salesforce


  • Eric Dreshfield, Vice President, ITequality; Founder, Midwest Dreamin’; Salesforce MVP
  • Pan Kamal, Marketing Advisor, AutoRABIT

Uncover CI/CD secrets specific to Salesforce to create an end to end CI jobs and configurations without coding. Additionally, understand the most important aspect of Salesforce-specific DevOps automation, which is AutoRABIT’s ability to handle over 160 types of Salesforce Metadata, more than anyone else, resulting in faster deployments with fewer errors.

Learn how AutoRABIT scales to accommodate medium and large-sized development teams with the capability to build, deploy, and test for multiple Salesforce orgs from one place. It allows teams to function faster with fewer failures. Version Control and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) support commit and release labels with unlimited data migration.