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Curing your DevOps Woes for the Pharma/Life Sciences Industry

The current pandemic is forcing companies to pivot on a dime, and no industry is under more pressure to deliver newly needed innovations overnight than Pharma and Lifesciences. Thus, IT departments are asked to speed up application delivery within the CRM, Supply Chain, and Data Management systems. But the Healthcare industry’s large company sizes, stringent process adherence, and airtight compliance requirements make this incredibly complex.

Attend this webinar to hear from AutoRABIT experts in Salesforce DevOps, and Lifesciences software experts FocalCXM. Learn how they are responding to the need for new features to be delivered faster, despite the challenges and despite everyone now working remotely, by leveraging CI/CD tools to enable seamless collaboration and the automation of commits, builds, and integration testing.


  • Vamsi Krishna Alla, Engineer, FocalCXM
  • Vivek Kumar,AutoRABIT