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5 Critical Requirements for Salesforce Backup & Recovery Success

5 Critical Requirements for Salesforce Backup & Recovery Success
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Is your Salesforce data at risk?

Hundreds of thousands of companies rely on Salesforce to transact business and store their mission-critical data. While SaaS platforms like Salesforce are built to have high availability and scalability, they can’t protect against data loss due to human intervention. Accidental or intentional deletion of data and data loss due to bad code can bring business to a standstill.

Having an effective back-up and recovery plan for all enterprise data is essential. But, how do you back up your data which is highly structured and hierarchical in nature? Will your back-up solution really be able to restore the data you need, when you need it?

In this recorded webinar, we’ll show you the 5 must-have capabilities for your Salesforce back-up and recovery solution, why they are important, and what you can lose if you don’t have them.