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10 do’s and don’ts of Salesforce Managed Packages
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Webinar on 10 do’s and don’ts of Salesforce Managed Packages

Managed packages of Salesforce are what makes the Salesforce ecosystem so vibrant. Managed packages are apps that are developed by leading partners or individuals that can be installed by subscribers of Salesforce or any of its sub-services such as Service Cloud, Data Cloud, Community Cloud, Marketing Cloud and many more.

This webinar is going to be one of its kind where you will hear real experiences, solutions and best practices of working with Managed Packages.

Learn from Salesforce community leaders

  • Daniel Peter – Salesforce MVP and Bay Area User Group Organizer | Salesforce Practice Lead @Robots & Pencils
  • Vikram Midha – Salesforce Certified Technical Architect @MakePositive.
  • Prashanth Samudrala – Head Product Management and Architect @AutoRABIT

These experts come with thousands of hours of development experience and will share their prized know. So that you steer clear of the most common and expensive mistakes when working with managed packages, the Don’ts.

You will gain know-how of simple yet critical Dos of managed packages. Such as what to watch out for when creating a managed package. Or if you happen to be a user of a managed packages what should your checklist be when evaluating, installing and maintaining a 3rd party managed package.

This priceless knowledge will reduce your time to go live.