While the testers handle a major part of the automation, sometimes developers chip in and add/correct test cases. There is lack of seamless information flow between developers and testers regarding the changes and updates made to the test scripts. This results in production errors.


Testing Tools Features

Now functional test automation and creating a regression

test bed for your application is a breeze with the test curing

engine, data extraction and test generation components in

AutoRABIT developed as add-ons for Selenium.

  • Save 75% of your time by automating your test cases and 25% of your test automation costs
  • Have excellent visibility of Apex Test Execution, detailed test coverage and class coverage reports
  • Benefit from industry-leading disruptive test automation support for Salesforce, with automated curing engine for Selenium recorder, JMeter, etc.
  • Auto-generate test scenarios to run against multiple release environments and multiple browsers
  • Seamlessly record and playback your recorded test cases
  • Negligible manual effort for Salesforce testing
  • Automate your pre- and post-deployment tasks
  • Data Extraction framework to separate data from test script and enhance with multiple datasets

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