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Software release on-time  – is this a myth or reality ?



While there has been so much focus on agile development and the need for short and incremental release cycles with scrum based development, the key obstacle to the perfect execution of it lies in the bugs that get realized at various stages of the software development life cycle.

In a report shared by ISBSG on the percentage of bugs found in the software – it is rather shocking to see as many as 51 % defects are found in Integration Testing phase .  This is alarmingly high since , the integration testing is at the rear end of the release spectrum and time taken to fix X/2 defects out of total X defects at such state and the fixes of which can originate to changes in code, design and even requirements causing huge delays in the release cycle.

If the above scenario is hard to digest – even more shocking situation is that 22% of defects are found after release.  What it means is that the team in a given sprint work significant amount of time in fixing the defects of the previous sprint which can either hamper the team’s velocity or create burnouts in the team to manage the release schedules in the team .

AutoRABIT is essentially a release management suite that strives to change this with a rich blend of right tooling , infrastructure and DevOps processes put together   .

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