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Salesforce Test Automation Can be Achieved NOW !!

There is always one thing in common with Test Automation and going to the gym … they always get postponed!!

Salesforce Test Automation has always been on the wish list of most enterprises with applications who are looking for maturity and predictability within their application’s change management and delivery process. It is also known fact the Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery journey is not sustainable if there is no regression test bed set up for the applications .

However, the reality is – Test Automation charter always gets pushed to the ‘next’ release …

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What is the Problem?

As part of the Continuous Delivery audit process we conduct with our Salesforce clients, the audit results of test automation has produced the following top-3 hurdles for Test Automation.

  1. Test Automation needs specialized knowledge and teams
  2. Over a period of time, the complexity of the test scripts grows and maintainability is an issue
  3. Test data setup for Test Automation is difficult [especially, if third-party apps are involved due to their complex relationship mappings]

What is Our Approach?

While working with the Salesforce ecosystem, like development teams, partners and architects, we constantly try to add innovation by addressing these hurdles.

The result of understanding the hurdles is the development of our ‘Selenium Curing Engine’ for the Salesforce Platform. This is the core foundation of our Test Automation Factory that accelerates the testing process and provides real-time automation for testing salesforce applications.

How Does AutoRABIT Address the hurdles?

With AutoRABIT’s Curing Engine, Salesforce Test Automation can be accomplished easily as below :

  1. Record your test scenario with the click of a button

[With your standard selenium IDE]

  1. Upload the file into AutoRABIT
  2. Enjoy seamless play-back of your recorded tests across your release environments.

Test Automation is really that simple and seamless with AutoRABIT.

What About Setting Up Test Data?

AutoRABIT’s Advanced Data Loader Pro pulls data from an object, including dependencies along with muli-level parent and child relationships, after which you can migrate this data into destination sandbox in with just the click of a button.

For instance, using AutoRABIT Data Loader Pro, you can pull all contacts and accounts related to an opportunity from Staging and migrate them into QA and UAT seamlessly.

The test data step can be included in the Continuous Integration process. This provides users with the power to package and deploy metadata, migration of test data and then execute automated tests seamlessly as a single process with just the click of a button.

With AutoRABIT, Test Automation Can be Achieved NOW . 

Try it, experience it, and believe it

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