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Salesforce GIT Integration Seamless with AutoRABIT EZ-Commit Feature

No Eclipse, No IDE Plug-ins and no complex GIT clients – its all too easy for Salesforce Administrators and Development Teams to check-in their code into GIT repository using AutoRABIT.

With the Salesforce GIT Integration feature in AutoRABIT Salesforce development teams have been able to do the following till now:

  1. Set up GIT repositories in AutoRABIT hosted in GIT Lab, GITHub, Bit Bucket or Internal GIT servers as well.
  2. Create GIT branches for their UAT, Staging or Hotfix environments.
  3. Create deployment jobs that fetch changes from the GIT branches and deploy them into Salesforce Sand Box achieving Salesforce Continuous Integration with GIT.

As part of Salesforce Release Management consulting and Salesforce Continuous Integration Audits that we do with our clients, one of the key challenge that is observed with several Salesforce development teams trying to adopt to version control [ GIT / SVN / Perforce / TFS etc., ] has been the complexity of tooling to commit the changes. This is especially more so felt with administrators who are used to work in their Sandboxes for their configuration changes but suddenly find themselves in a hell lot of tools – to send the changes to source control.

But at AutoRABIT, we thrive on Salesforce community and do these little BIG things that can make salesforce development and release process smoother with lesser pain than before.

With the “EZ-commits”  feature in AutoRABIT – you can now login to AutoRABIT – choose your Sandbox and AutoRABIT will show you the list of changes that are in the Sandbox but not in your GIT branch , as shown below.

You can now select some or all of the changes the changes that need to be committed to GIT, provide a valid GIT comment and check-in the changes .

Please write to for any additional information or to if you wish to play around with this feature.

You can also register for your license with AutoRABIT to get access to all the major features in AutoRABIT that can make your Salesforce Release Management process a breeze.

We also have special offers for DreamForce’15 with licensing and feel free to reach out to us to experience streamlined Salesforce Release Management with AutoRABIT.

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