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+1 925 500 1004

Autorabit Vault Enterprise Backup and Recovery

Vault Data Backup & Recovery

Total Automation for your Salesforce CI/CD Pipeline
Autorabit Vault Enterprise Backup and Recovery

AutoRABIT Vault Enterprise Backup and Recovery has been designed expressly for Salesforce

general purpose backup and recovery can only recover files containing standard salesforce objects. What’s usually missing are file attachments, metadata, chatter feeds and knowledge articles. These all make up a rich Salesforce experience for the user.

Salesforce advises administrators to make their own arrangements for backup and recovery services and not to rely on Salesforce.

AutoRABIT, the leader in Salesforce Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) for DevOps has the experience of completing hundreds of rollbacks and restores each month. AutoRABIT delivers Vault as a cloud-based backup and recovery solution leveraging this track record to provide bullet-proof, reliable backup.


Fully-automated unlimited cloud backup. Unlimited daily backups in the cloud take away any concerns about whether you have enough storage. You no longer have to worry about forgetting if its back up day! Fully automated policy driven back up that’s customized for your Salesforce environment.

    • Standard and Custom Salesforce Objects preserved.
    • Relationships maintained in backup.
  • Files, attachments, chatter feeds, knowledge articles and custom data sets included.

  • Daily unlimited backups with the ability to backup just what’s changed.


Compare instance snapshots, data and metadata in the same view. Following a data loss, Vault compares various snapshots to determine the timing and root cause indicators. Vault’s compare feature delivers powerful capabilities that allow admins to quickly figure out what happened and estimate the impact.

    • Significantly reduce recovery time.
    • Visual interface to track and identify changes to data and metadata over time.
    • Compare backup snapshots with live Salesforce data.
    • Control granularity to entire org or individual objects etc.


Recover everything. As a leading provider of DevOps solutions for Salesforce, AutoRABIT completes hundreds of rollbacks and restores for development and testing purposes. This skill set and experience ensures that you will have a 100% successful experience with restoring data, metadata, file attachments, object parent child relationships and much more.

    • Recover data, metadata, attachments and more.
    • Easily rollback the entire org.

    • Parent, Child, Junction and other relationships.
    • Field level, object level, record level data can be requested from multiple points within the snapshots.


Simply replicate data and metadata. AutoRABIT streamlines what is normally an error-prone process of seeding test data into sandboxes and testing the scripts, code, rules and reports. Additionally, sensitive production data can be masked for data protection and compliance purposes during test procedures.

    • Easily select data sets for testing scripts, code, rules and reports.
    • Easily seed test data for your sandbox..
    • Automatically detects data object relationships.
    • Masking to protect production data during text.



Vault delivers built-in archival capabilities that include customizing archiving policy related to data retention as well as archiving frequency. Admins can enable users to have access to certain allowed fields to provide self-service archiving functionality.

    • Customize archiving policy.
    • Schedule the archiving frequency to match business needs.


    • Configure the retention policies to match regulatory requirements.



Secure and Comply

Vault allows organizations to meet compliance and IT governance requirements. Compliance. AutoRABIT puts special emphasis on information security and privacy standards. Vault goes the extra mile to ensure security for all the data being handled.

    • Meet ISO 27001 and NIST backup and recovery standards for IT
    • Field encryption support for GDPR with right to be forgotten
    • Support industry specific regulations for Healthcare, Financial Services, Government, Utilities, and many others.
    • Cloud service compliance SOC 1 and SOC 2 certification