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Automated Release Management

Version Control

Your business’s Salesforce customer relationship management software helps you compete in the market. Like any fundamental part of your infrastructure, you update it as technology evolves and the market shifts. However, there’s plenty to glean from previous editions of your Salesforce code. 

Version control empowers developers to jump between, cross-reference, and merge code changes to build stronger updates and applications. Referencing prior versions as you update the code can unveil new improvement opportunities. 

At AutoRABIT, our automated CI/CD pipeline includes a version control feature uniquely tailored to Salesforce. Integrate our Salesforce version control system to equip your developers to write code that satisfies user and consumer needs. 

Version Control for Salesforce DevOps

Version control is a part of the DevOp process’s automated CI/CD pipeline. Your developers can use version control to track, document, and manage source code changes within Salesforce. 

The version control program records source code changes and assigns a time stamp when the developer commits the code. Developers can use the metadata to recall the previous source code to plan new updates or fix an error. 

In addition to using a previous version of the code as a reference point, version control also encourages code merging. Your developers can assess the program’s needs and improve it by augmenting the current code with elements of a past version. 

As a comprehensive Salesforce DevOps platform, AutoRABIT is the best way to integrate version control for your system.  

What Can Salesforce Version Control Integration Do for Your Business?

With version control, your developers can bounce between saves in real time for various purposes. Your business can benefit from version control integration for your Salesforce program by:

  • Improving developer speed and efficiency. 
  • Scaling your developer team while painting a consistent production level. 
  • Developing stronger codes that enhance your sales team’s processes and your company’s offerings.
  • Increasing development efficiency by quickly evaluating and merging with past versions. 
  • Blending past and present developers’ skillsets for solid code that transcends turnover. 
  • Maintaining productivity by rapidly resolving coding errors.  
  • Boosting customer satisfaction by analyzing customer preferences and adjusting your code according to what works, even as demand changes. 

AutoRABIT Version Control Features

AutoRABIT is the best version control software for companies using Salesforce. We distinguish our version control program with flexible, easy-to-use features that optimize your development team’s workflow:

  • Version file tree: Our version control system uses a file tree for code storage and access, which separates versions into branches that developers can quickly move between to backtrack after an error, analyze a code’s performance, or merge multiple codes. 
  • Auto-commit: Our version control system auto-saves code changes according to pre-defined rules to save time and prevent developers from losing progress. 
  • Time stamps:  Each version or branch features a time stamp to help developers find past versions and track their performance. 

Request a Salesforce Version Control Demo

Ready to integrate version control into your Salesforce program? AutoRABIT’s unique version control software empowers your teams to perform at their best. We invite you to request a demo and see how version control can help your organization.